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Фразовые глаголы call at, back, calm

Фразовые глаголы call at, back,in calm
√ call back
√ call for
√ call in
√ call off
√ call on
√ call out
√ call round/call over
√ call up

call at (a place)
заходить куда-л. to pay a short visit usu. on some business
Vialetta called at the post office and arranged to send some letters.


call back
to telephone sb again or to telephone sb who telephoned you earlier. позвонить по телефону ( в ответ на звонок)
Vialetta and Sam said they would call back.

call for
1.заглянуть и забрать кого - либо или что- либо заходить за (кем-либо. или чем-либо.) to pick up a thing or a person
Vialetta and Sam will call for my granny at twelve o’clock.


2. взывать к (чему-либо) требовать, to require Your son's behaviour called for attention.

call in приглашать, вызывать, (кого-либо, для консультации и т. п.) to ask sb to come and do sth for you; send for
When Vialetta and Sam grew worse they were called in a third doctor.

call off

отменять (о встречах, собраниях и т. п.) to cancel The lessons were called off.
The match was had to call off as the weather was too windy to play on.

call on

(a person) заглянуть, заходить к кому-л. to pay a visit When did he call on you last?

call out

объявлять громко; выкрикивать to shout He called out each name twice.
‘Come in,’ he called out from the balcony.

call round/call over заходить; навещать, посещать to make not long visit to a place or a person
I called round to a dozen places to get the proper size of bulb.
It’s OK, we’ll be calling over shortly anyway.

call up
1. звонить по телефону to telephone; phone up, ring up Vialetta and Sam called us up and asked whether we had any news.
2. призывать (в армию) to make sb serve in the army
Vialetta and Sam were called up at eighteen.



calm down

привести в состояние покоя, успокаивать(ся) to become or calm down! to make sb calm Look, Vialetta and Sam will find Peter. Calm down!

1. Fill in the correct particle(s). Translate the sentences.


1. Vialetta and Sam are going to a rock concert with Timmaty. They are calling ... our granny at twelve so she must get ready by then.
2. Vialetta and Sam are waiting for my mum to call them... with a price.
3. They have called ... their engagement.
4. The football match was called ... because of the strong wind.
5. He called ... all the members in the area and asked them to sign the paper.
6. I called him ... and asked if they had any news.
7. I was extremely lucky not to be called... at the time.
8. One boy rushed forward, calling... his father’s name.
9. The radio had an open line on which listeners could call... to discuss various issues.
10. If it rained, the football match would have to be called ....
11. Don’t bother to call me ... or ring me.
12. The four of us called ... him in his room.
13. They called me ... for questioning:
14. The ship will call... several ports.
15. Vialetta and Sam said they would call....
16. The strong wind is called ... prompt actions.
17. Sam will be called ... and seen on his way to University.
18. Vialetta and Sam took some deep breaths to calm themselves....
19. I’ve called ... to report what I’ve done.

Translate into English.
1. Вы часто навещаете своих друзей?
2. Я вам потом позвоню.
3. Я зайду за вами в шесть часов.
4. Наши новые соседи приходили к нам на прошлой неделе.
5. Она позвала на помощь.
6. Если вы знаете ответ, поднимите руку, не кричите с места.
7. Не заходите за ним. Он придет прямо на стадион.
8. Вас просят зайти за костюмом через неделю.
9. Вам придется зайти к директору на следующей неделе.
10. Зайдите ко мне в контору в 3 часа.
11. Вам придется зайти к нему еще раз. Сейчас его нет. 12. Почему был отменен этот рейс?
13. Мы должны пригласить врача.
14. Ваш друг сказал, что он еще раз позвонит. 15. Он окликнул меня.
16. Я позвоню вам завтра вечером.
17. Сегодняшний матч отменен.
18. Когда началась война, их призвали.
19. Заходите, когда у вас будет время.
20. Мать успокоила испуганного ребенка.