Упражнения с but for..., if it were not for

But for...
1 Express the same in Russian.

1. But for her remark (замечание) they wouldn’t have complained about
the noise. 2. If it weren't for Tom’s new job he would go on with his education.
3. If it hadn't been for my parents I would not have visited Paris.

4. But for the rain they would have gone out. 5. If it hadn't been for grandpa’s hearing aid he would have no channel to the news. 6. If it weren't for Caroline’s new friend I wouldn’t feel that worried about her. 7. If it hadn't been for the conference Philip would never have come back to his native city.


2. Make the sentences complete.
1. But for the rain .... 2. But for the late hour .... 3. ... we would have met our friends at the station. 4. ... the result of the work would be much better. 5. But for the text that we have to write tomorrow ... . 6. ... John would have taken the job. 7. But for her old-fashioned clothes ... . 8. But
for your frien d ’s advice ... . 9. ... the teacher wouldn’t have given Jane a bad mark. 10. ... his story would be a lot longer.


3.  Express the same in English.
1. Если бы не ваши бутерброды, мы бы ужасно проголодались во время экскурсии в ботанический сад. 2. Ты бы чувствовал себя лучше, если бы не высокая температура. 3. Если бы не мамин телефонный звонок, я бы сейчас очень волновался. 4. Если бы не глупая шутка Джона, Лиза не плакала бы вчера после уроков. 5. Если бы не грязные ботинки, Тед выглядел бы очень нарядным на вчерашней вечеринке. 6. Если бы не твоя помощь, я бы никогда не приладил эту дурацкую полку. 7. Если бы не твоя шпаргалка, учительница не сердилась бы на нас сейчас. 8. Я бы поверил ему тогда, если бы не его хитрая (deceitful) улыбка.

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