Lesson 15. Promotions, Pensions, and Awards

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took forward to
look to

achievement əˈʧiːvmənt достижение
contribute kənˈtrɪbju(ː)t способствовать
dedication ˌdɛdɪˈkeɪʃən преданность
look forward to lʊk ˈfɔːwəd tuː ждать с нетерпением
look to lʊk tuː рассчитывать на (count on, reckon on, look to, figure on, reckon upon, reckon for)
стремиться к (look to, go for, look toward, strain after, have a hankering for, have a hankering after)
следить за (keep an eye on, keep track of, observe, look to, spy upon, see after)
надеяться на (rely on, look for, rely upon, look to, have reliance in, feel reliance on)
заботиться о (care about, take care of, look after, see to, look to, take thought for)
loyal ˈlɔɪəl верный
merit ˈmɛrɪt Заслуга, достоинство, заслуживать, быть достойным
obviously ˈɒbvɪəsli очевидно
productive prəˈdʌktɪv продуктивный
promote prəˈməʊt содействовать
recognition ˌrɛkəgˈnɪʃən признание
value ˈvæljuː стоимость

Study the following definitions and examples.
1. achievement -  достижение an accomplishment, a completed act
a. Your main achievements will be listed in your personnel tile.
b. Joseph’s achievements in R&D will go down in company history.

2. contribute v.,
способствовать to add to; to donate, to give
a. Make sure your boss is aware of the work you contributed to the project.
b. Ail employees are asked to contribute a few minutes of their spare time to clean up the office.

3. dedication n., преданность a commitment to something
a. The director’s dedication to a high-quality product has motivated many of his employees.
b. We would never be where we are today if it weren’t for many long hours and so much dedication.

4. look forward to v., ждать с нетерпением to anticipate, to be eager for something to happen
a. The regional director was looking forward to the new, larger offices.
b. We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.

5. look to v.,  рассчитывать на to depend on, to rely on
a. The workers always looked to him to settle their disagreements.
b. The staff Is looking to their supervisor for guidance and direction.

6. loyal adj., верный faithful, believing in someone or something
a. You have been such a loyal advisor for so many years, I’m not sure what I’ll do without you.
b. Even though your assistant is loyal, you have to question his job performance.

7. merit n., Заслуга, достоинство excellence, high quality
a. Employees are evaluated on their merit and not on seniority.
b. Your work has improved tremendously and is of great merit.

8. obviously adv., очевидно clearly, evidently
a. Her tardiness was obviously resented by her coworkers.
b. This is obviously not the first time that the customer has had problems with this particular model of sander.

9. productive adj., продуктивный useful, getting a lot done
a. The researcher wasn’t as productive when he first started working here.
b. The managers had a very productive meeting and were able to solve many of the problems.

10. promote v., содействовать to give someone a better job; to support, to make known
a. Even though the sales associate had a good year, it wasn’t possible to promote him.
b. The assistant director promoted the idea that the director was incompetent.

11. recognition n., признание credit, praise for doing something well
a. The president’s personal assistant was finally given the recognition that she has deserved for many years.
b. Recognition of excellent work should be routine for every manager,

12. value v., стоимость to state the worth
a. Employees value their colleagues’ opinions.
b. The expert valued the text at $7,000.


Read the following passage and write the words in the blanks below.

achievements/ look forward to/ merits/ promotions/ contributions/ look to/ obvious/ recognizes
dedicate/ loyalty/ productivity/ value

Congratulations. You have been chosen by your colleagues to receive the Keeler Award of Excellence. This prestigious award (1)_____employees who have made extraordinary (2)_____ to the corporation over the years.
Your coworkers gave several reasons for selecting you. First, they mentioned your (3)_____in the marketing department.
In the past four years, you have had four (4)_____in this department, all based on the many (5)_____of
your work in developing our image in new markets.
In addition, your (6)_____to the department is (7)_____ to all. Many of your coworkers mention that they (8)_____you for advice.
Your supervisor praised your high (9)_____. The Keeler Award acknowledges an employee’s(10)_____with a $1,000 bonus. We(11 )_____to the opportunity to (12)_____ a rosebush in the company garden in each recipient’s name.
The awards ceremony will be held on August 7 on the front lawn at 10:30 a.m.
Again, congratulations.

noun achievement His achievements were noticed by the vice president and he was sent to the London office.
verb achieve Making a list of your objectives will help you achieve them.
noun achiever Mr. Vadji always considered himself a high achiever.


verb contribute All employees were urged to contribute something useful at the staff meetings.
noun contribution Each of you has made a significant contribution to our team’s success.
noun contributor As contributors to the company’s outstanding year, all employees will receive an additional holiday bonus.


verb dedicate The manager dedicates too much time to reports and not enough time to the customer.
noun dedication Margo’s dedication to the company was rewarded with a two-week trip to Hawaii.
adjective dedicated Before the change in management, he used to be a more dedicated worker.


adjective loyal He has been both a loyal coworker and a loyal friend.
noun loyalty Her loyalty to the company impressed even the owners.
adverb loyally The security officer loyally guarded the company’s vault.


adjective productive The most productive team in the department will win a two-day vacation in the Bahamas.
noun product The new product will be released in the early spring.
verb produce The film was produced in Manila.


verb promote In order to move ahead in the company, you must promote yourself.
noun promotion Promotions are given to those who prove their worth.
noun promoter As the main promoter of the product, Ms. Ross was responsible for the marketing campaign.

Part 6 Text Completion
Dear Harry,
We are pleased to inform you of your promotion within our company. Starling the first of next month, you will begin in your new position as manager of the Fulfillment Department. During your years as a member of the Fulfillment Department staff, you have made many_16__ to the productivity and smooth operation of the department. We have
always valued your dedication to your job, and now we are pleased to be able__17_your hard work and fine skills
with this promotion. We know you will do a wonderful job. The Personnel Department will contact you soon regarding the changes in your salary and benefits. We__18_welcoming you to your new position next month.
Madeline Kovacs President

16. (A) contribute
      (B) contributes
      (C) contributors
      (D) contributions

17. (A) recognize
      (B) to recognize
      (C) recognizing
      (D) will recognize

18. (A) look forward to
      (B) look in on
      (C) look for
      (D) look to

To: All company staff
From: Claude Dubois, Personnel Manager
Re: Annual Awards Ceremony
It is time to start getting ready for the company's annual awards ceremony. It will take place at the Merrimack Hotel on Friday, November 10. Up to 15 staff members will receive awards from the company president that evening- We look to you, our company staff, to help us select deserving award recipients. Please send in your nominations for colleagues who you think merit the recognition of an award. Obviously, we would like to see names of people who have contributed more than average to the company. Send me your nominations by e-mail before October 15 so that we can have the list finalized before November 5. Thank you.

19. When will the awards ceremony be held?
(A) October 15.
(B) November 5.
(C) November 10.
(D) November 15.

20. Who will suggest award recipients?
(A) The personnel manager
(B) The company president.
(C) The assistant manager.
(D) The company staff members.

21. Why does Marilyn Freeland think Janet McGhee deserves an award?
(A) She works on important projects.
(B) She always works long hours.
(C) She looks to others as an example.
(D) She manages the research department.

To: Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript. From: mail to:Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript." Subject: nomination

Hi Claude,
I would like to nominate my coworker, Janet McGhee, assistant manager of the research department, for an award. Her dedication to her job is far above average. She always works long hours to make sure she gets her job done. If she is working on an important project, she will come into die office on weekends if she thanks it’s necessary to completing her job on time. The rest of us in the department always look to Janet as an example of how to get a job done right. If anyone deserves the recognition of an award for loyalty and dedication, it’s Janet. I hope you will consider her as an award recipient.
Thank you.

22. The word Obviously in line 5 of the first e-mail is closest in meaning to
(A) clearly
(B) quickly
(C) usually
(D) importantly

23. The word dedication in line 2 of the second e-mail is closest in meaning to
(A) ability
(B) commitment
(C) knowledge
(D) attendance

Answer Keys.
Lesson 15 Promotions, Pensions, and Awards Words in Context:
1. recognizes
2. contributions
3. achievements/merits
4. promotions
5. merits/achievements
6. loyalty
7. obvious
8. look to
9. productivity
10. value
11. look forward
12. dedicate

Word Practice:
1. С 2. A 3. С 4. D 5. С 6. A 7. В 8. С 9. С 10. С 11. С 12. С 13. С 14. В 15. А 16. D 17. В 18. А 19. С 20. D 21. В 22. А 23. В

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