Lesson 20. Shipping

Курсы изучения разговорного английского языка
accurately ˈækjʊrɪtli точно
carrier ˈkærɪə перевозчик
catalog ˈkætəlɒg каталог
fulfill fʊlˈfɪl выполнять
integral ˈɪntɪgrəl неотъемлемый, суммарный, целостный; цельный
inventory ˈɪnvəntri запасы
minimize ˈmɪnɪmaɪz свести к минимуму
on hand ɒn hænd в наличии
remember rɪˈmɛmbə запомнить
ship ʃɪp отправлять
sufficiently səˈfɪʃəntli достаточно
supply səˈplaɪ поставка


Study the following definitions and examples.
1.  accurately adv., correctly; without errors
a.            To gauge these figures accurately, we first need to get some facts from the shipping department.
b.            The container company must balance the load accurately or there could be a disaster at sea.

2. carrier n., a person or business that transports passengers or goods
a.            Lou, our favorite carrier, takes extra care of our boxes marked “fragile.”
b.            Mr. Lau switched carriers in order to get a price savings on deliveries out of state.

3. catalog n., a list or itemized display; v., to make an itemized list of
a.            The upcoming fall catalog shows a number of items from Laos that Mr. Lau has never before been able to offer.
b.            Ellen cataloged the complaints according to severity.

4. fulfill v., to finish completely
a.            The engineers fulfilled a client’s request for larger display screens.
b.            Her expectations were so high, we knew they would be hard to fulfill.

5. integral adj., necessary for completion
a.            Good customer relations is an integral component of any business.
b.            A dependable stream of inventory is integral to reliable shipping of orders.

6. inventory n., goods in stock; an itemized record of these goods
a.            The store closes one day a year so that the staff can take inventory of the stockroom.
b.            Their inventory has not changed much over the years.

7. minimize v.( to reduce; to give less importance to
a.            The shipping staff minimized customer complaints by working overtime to deliver the packages quickly.
b.            To keep the customers happy and to minimize the effect of the carrier strike, we shipped orders directly to them.

8. on hand adj., available
a.            We had too much stock on hand, so we had a summer sale.
b.            The new employee will be on hand if we need more help with shipping orders.

9. remember v., to think of again; to retain in the memory
a.            I remembered the delivery clerk’s name as soon as I got off the phone.
b.            I will remember the combination to the safe without writing it down.

10. ship v, to transport; to send
a.            Eva shipped the package carefully, since she knew the contents were made of glass.
b.            Very few customers think about how their packages will be shipped, and are seldom home when the packages arrive.

11. sufficiently adv., enough
a.            The boxcar was sufficiently damaged that it could not be loaded on the truck.
b.            We are sufficiently organized to begin transferring the palettes tomorrow.

12. supply n., stock; v., to make available for use; to provide
a.            By making better use of our supplies, we can avoid ordering until next month.
b.            Gerald supplied the shipping staff with enough labels to last a year.?


Read the following passage and write the words in the blanks below.

on hand/sufficient/catalog/inventory/remember/supplies

For Mr. Park’s Asian housewares store, shipping is an (1) ___ part of the business. Many customers need to send their purchases to friends or relatives who live far away. Other customers, who do not live near one of his stores, shop by (2) ___ and need their orders sent by mail.

(3) ___ is, of course, the process of getting goods delivered to a customer, but it is more than just getting a box in the mail. Goods must be packaged carefully to (4) ___ breakage and ensure that they arrive safely.

Staff members must keep (5) ___ records of the inventory shipped, so Mr. Park knows at all times the answers to these questions: When did a box leave the store? Who was the (6) ___ who delivered it? When did it arrive at its destination?

Customers will have confidence in Mr. Park’s business when he can give quick and accurate answers. The shipping process must be tied to the store’s (7) ___. When orders are taken, the shipping staff must know that there is (8) ___inventory of the product on hand to (9) ___the request.

If a product is on order, the sales staff should advise the customer to expect a delay. When orders are shipped out, they must be deleted from the inventory records so Mr. Park knows exactly how many items are (10) ___ in his warehouse.

It takes a good computer program to keep track of the additions and deletions to the inventory. Sales staff must (11) ___to charge for shipping and appropriate taxes. Mr. Park must keep good records on the cost of the shipping and packing materials and other (12) ___, the cost of the carriers, and staff time to assess whether he is billing enough to cover his shipping expenses.

noun accuracy His firm was well known for its accuracy in predicting how long shipping would take.
adjective accurate Don’t forget to keep accurate records; you will need them when you have your annual inventory.
adverb accurately The in-depth shipping records made it possible for Max to accurately estimate when the mixing bowls would arrive in the store.
verb fulfill We take pride in fulfilling customers’ unusual requests.
gerund fulfilling Fulfilling the requirement of the contract will necessitate hiring extra staff.
noun fulfillment Fulfillment of duties can be tedious, but job satisfaction demands attention to detail.
adjective integral This paperwork is integral to our ability to track packages.
verb integrate The new foreman is unable to integrate information about shipping perishables.
noun integration His full integration into the team could take weeks.
verb minimize To minimize any potential risk of injury, all workers must wear closed-toed shoes in the stockroom.
adjective minimal Luckily, the leak from the roof did only minimal damage to the inventory in the stockroom.
noun minimum The minimum is $50; orders of less will be assessed a shipping charge.
verb ship We ship all orders within 24 hours of your phone call.
noun shipper We can rely on our shipper to pack large, fragile items carefully.
noun shipment The shipment from the supplier was short a number of items, so we complained.
adverb sufficiently If you are sufficiently certain that the crate is in this room, I will check them one by one.
adjective sufficient The postage on that box is not sufficient to get it to its destination.
verb suffice Will this much Styrofoam suffice?

Part 5 Incomplete Sentence. Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
10. To assure that your order is ___ filled, it will be checked by a two-person team.
(A) accurately
(B) accurateness
(C) accurate
(D) accuracy

11. The suppliers ___ the terms of our agreement and are now our supplier of choice.
(A) fulfilling       
(B) fulfillment
(C) fulfilled
(D) fulfill

12. Scanning the shipment number is an ___ part of tracking these containers.
(A) integral        
(B) integrate
(C) integrating
(D) integration

13. Keeping customer complaints to a ___ of everyone who works in the store.
(A) minimum
(B) minimal       
(C) minimize
(D) minimally

14. To keep distribution costs low, we have selected only two ___ firms for the region.
(A) ship               
(B) shipment
(C) shipping
(D) shipper

15. Based on their credit check, it seems likely that they have ___ funds to cover this order.
(A) suffice         
(B) sufficient
(C) sufficiently
(D) sufficed

Part 6 Text Completion

Packing Guidelines

In order to 16 breakage of merchandise and loss of shipments and to ensure accurate fulfillment of orders, please observe the following guidelines when preparing packages for shipment:
1)            Check the order form carefully to make sure the item number matches the item number and description in the catalog.
2)            Make sure that the address label has been 17 filled out, and particularly that names have been spelled correctly.
3)            Each box must be 18 filled with packing material to protect the contents from damage.
4)            Packages must be ready to be picked up by the carrier before 3:30 p.m. daily.
Following these guidelines is of the utmost importance. Lost and damaged shipments cost the company valuable time and money.

16. (A) minimum            

17. (A)acutely  

18. (A) sufficiently
      (B) sufficient
      (C) suffice
      (D) suffuse

Part 7 Reading Comprehension

Questions 19-23 refer to the following letter.
April 15
Customer Service Department
Fleetwood Fashions
21986 North Featherstone Avenue
Hiawatha, MN

Dear Customer Service,
I am writing about an order I made from the Fleetwood Fashions catalog over a month ago, which I have not yet received. When I called to order two new purses and several spring shirts, the customer service representative assured me that there was sufficient inventory on hand to fulfill the order.

He told me that it would be shipped before the end of the week and that I would receive it within ten days. When I still had not received the shipment after 14 days, I called the company.

The customer service representative checked the ordering information on the computer, and we discovered that my address had not been accurately recorded.

He promised to reship the order with my correct address and told me I would receive it within ten days. That was over two weeks ago, and I still have not received the shipment. I cannot understand this. Perhaps the carrierthat you use is not reliable.

In any case, I am tired of waiting for my order and would like to cancel it. I am not sure whether I will make an order from your company again. This is unfortunate since it is one of the few places that carry dresses and shoes in my size and at a reasonable price.

However, this is the second time I have had a problem with an order, and I don’t want this to happen again. Please cancel my order #20857631. Thank you.
Lucinda Walker

19.          When did Lucinda Walker make an order from Fleetwood Fashions?
(A)         Last week.
(B)          Ten days ago.
(C)          Fourteen days ago.
(D)         Last month.

20.          What did she order?
(A)         Purses.
(B)          Skirts.
(C)          Shoes.
(D)         Dresses.

21.          What is the problem with her order?
(A)         The price is unreasonable.
(B)          The dress size is wrong.
(C)          She hasn’t received it yet.
(D)         It contained the wrong merchandise.

22.          The word fulfill in line 3 is closest in meaning to
(A)         pay for
(B)          complete
(C)          send
(D)         receive

23.          The word carrier in line 10 is closest in meaning to
(A)         communication
(B)          employee
(C)          transporter
(D)         operator

Words in Context: 1. everyday 2. stationery 3. obtained 4. diverse 5. maintaining 6. essential
7. Prerequisite 8. smooth 9. functioning 10. enterprise 11. source 12. quality
Word Practice: 1. С 2. С 3. С 4. В 5. D 6. D 7. В 8. A
9.В 10. С 11. С 12. С 13. С 14. В 15. А 16. В 17. D 18. В 19. А 20. С 21. D 22. А 23. D


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