Lesson 22. Ordering Supplies.

Курсы изучения разговорного +английского языка
diversity daɪˈvɜːsɪti разнообразие
enterprise ˈɛntəpraɪz предприятие
essentially ɪˈsɛnʃəli в основном
everyday ˈɛvrɪdeɪ каждый день
function ˈfʌnŋkʃən функция
maintain meɪnˈteɪn поддерживать
obtain əbˈteɪn получать
prerequisite ˌpriːˈrɛkwɪzɪt необходимое условие
quality ˈkwɒlɪti качественный
smooth smuːð гладкий; плавный
source sɔːs источник
stationery ˈsteɪʃnəri канцелярские товары


Study the following definitions and examples.
1. diversity v., to broaden, to make more varied
         a. The stationery department plans to diversity its offering of paper products.
         b. The consultant that we hired recommends that we don’t diversity at this time.

2. enterprise n., a business; a large project
         a. The new enterprise quickly established an account with the office supply store.
         b. This enterprise has become unmanageable and is beginning to lose money.

3. essentially adv., necessarily, basically, finally
         a. Essentially, she wants to win the contract and put the competition out of business.
         b. After distributing ail of the cartridges that were ordered, we were essentially left with none.

4. everyday adj., routine, common, ordinary
         a. Though they are more expensive, these folders will withstand everyday wear and tear.
         b. This everyday routine of having to check inventory is boring.

5. function v., to perform tasks; n., a purpose
         a. She functioned as the director while Mr. Gibbs was away.
         b. What is the function of this device?

6. maintain v., to continue; to support, to sustain
         a. I’ve been maintaining a list of office supplies that are in greatest demand.
         b. Trying to maintain two different stockrooms is too much work.

7. obtain v., to acquire
         a. I’ve been trying to obtain a list of supplies from the administrator for three weeks now.
         b. The employee obtained the report from her supervisor.

8. prerequisite n., something that is required or necessary as a prior condition
         a. One of the prerequisites for this job is competence in bookkeeping.
         b. Here are the prerequisites that you need to purchase before coming to class.

9. quality n., a distinguishing characteristic; a degree of excellence
         a. The most important qualities we look for in a supplier are reliability and quick response.
         b. The quality of their clothes has fallen ever since they started using cheaper fabrics to make them.

10. smooth adj., without difficulties; deliberately polite and agreeable in order to win favor
         a. Thanks to our smooth transition to the new supplier, there was no interruption in shipments.
         b. Her smooth manner won her the appreciation of the manager but not her colleagues.

11. source n., the origin
         a. I can’t tell you the source of this information.
         b. The source of this rare pottery that we are selling in our shop is a small village in India.

12. stationery n., writing paper and envelopes
         a. We do not have enough stationery, so please order some more.
         b. The new stationery featured the company’s logo in blue ink at the top of

All businesses, large and small, must maintain an inventory of supplies. In most business offices, there are several essential(1)____items, including (2)____ pens, staples, and folders. These are easily (3)____ from office supply stores that provide the most commonly used items under one roof.

Some of these stores will even take orders by telephone with free delivery. However, some businesses require a more (4)____ range of supplies. For example, businesses that ship their products usually need cartons, Styrofoam peanuts, mailing tape, and shipping labels on hand at all times.

Though these items may be available from general office supply stores, there are other specialty stores that only sell packing and shipping supplies. No matter what the type of business, the office administrator is in charge of ordering supplies and (5)____ an inventory.

Having the (6)____ supplies on hand at all times is a (7)____ for the (8)____ and efficient (9)____ of the (10)____. The administrator should try to locate the cheapest(11)____ of the supplies required, but also pay attention to the (12)____ of the goods.


Incomplete Sentences
Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

10. Many customers find that product _ confusing and deceptive.
(A) diversity 
(B) diverse
(C) diversity
(D) diversified

11. For the___designer, this job is full of rewards and opportunities.
(A) enterprise 
(B) enterpriser
(C) enterprising
(D) enterpriseless

12. Your full participation is ___ to our timely completion of this project.
(A) essence 
(B) essences 
(C) essential
(D) essentially

13. We need to have a spare copier since the only one that is ___ is on its last leg.
(A) functioned 
(B) functions 
(C) functional
(D) function

14. In order to ___ our lead in the market, we'll have to find a cheaper source of industria
l supplies.
(A) maintainable 
(B) maintain 
(C) maintaining
(D) maintainability

15. She ___ changed the topic of conversation, thus preventing a disagreement between her colleagues from turning into an argument.
(A) smoothly 
(B) smooth out 
(C) smooth
(D) smoothed

Part 6 Text Completion


To: All office staff
From: Luis Mendez, Office Manager
Re: Ordering office supplies

There has been a lot of confusion recently regarding the ordering of office supplies. In order to maintain a consistent stock of _16_ supplies, from now on all supply orders must go through me.

There are forms in my office that you may use to order the supplies that you need. I can _17_ supplies for you within three days of receiving your order form if it is filled out properly.

By following this procedure, the office will function more _18_ . and we can be sure that we will always have quality supplies on hand when we need them. We will also avoid the problem of ordering supplies that we already have.
Thank you for your cooperation.

16. (A) essence
      (B) essential
      (C) essentials
      (D) essentially

17. (A) obtaining
      (B) to obtain
      (C) obtains
      (D) obtain

18. (A) smooth
      (B) smoothly
      (C) smoother
      (D) smoothness

Part 7 Reading Comprehension
Questions 19-23 refer to the following letter and memo.

April 12
Dear Business Owner,
The Supply Closet, Inc., is a new office supply store in your neighborhood. We opened last month right across the street from the post office. We are your local source for quality office supplies, including all office stationery, packing materials, folders, pens, note pads, and more.

We provide you with the everyday items you need to keep your business functioning smoothly. In order to introduce ourselves to you, we are enclosing a coupon for 20 percent off your entire purchase during your first visit to the Supply Closet. Please visit us soon.

Sincerely yours,
Martha and Bill Heywood Owners
Coupon expires June 30.

To: Gisela Freeman From: James Riley Re: New supply store

Please see the attached letter from the Supply Closet, Inc. I think we should tiy them out. I know we maintain an account with the Riverdale Supply Company, but I am not completely satisfied with them as a source for supplies. I would like to find a supplier with more diverse merchandise.

I’d like you to visit the Supply Closet sometime this week and purchase some stationery. We need to do a big mailing at the beginning of May, so we’ll need some manila envelopes and letter paper. You can use the coupon that came with the letter.

Look at the items they have for sale and see how it compares with the Riverdale Supply Company. If it looks like they’re a better source for supplies, we can start ordering from them regularly. Thank you.

19. When did the Supply Closet open?

(A) March.
(B) April.
(C) May.
(D) June.

20. What can a customer get during his first visit to the store?

(A) A free pen.
(B) An introduction.
(C) A discount.
(D) A stamp.

21. Why doesn’t James Riley like the Riverdale Supply Company?

(A) It’s too near the post office.
(B) It doesn’t function smoothly.
(C) It’s far from the neighborhood.
(D) It doesn’t have a variety of merchandise.

22. The word smoothly in line 5 of the letter is closest in meaning to
(A) easily
(B) quickly
(C) profitably
(D) carefully

23. The word maintain in line 4 of the memo is closest in meaning to

(A) open
(B) pay
(C) apply
(D) keep

Words in Context: 1. everyday 2. stationery 3. obtained 4. diverse 5. maintaining 6. essential 7. prerequisite
8. smooth 9. functioning 10. enterprise 11. source 12. quality

Word Practice: 1. С 2. С 3. С 4. В 5. D 6. D 7. В 8. A 9. В 10. С 11. С
12. С 13. С 14. В 15. А 16. В 17. D 18. В 19. А 20. С 21. D 22. А 23. D

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