Мелодика предложений.

Мелодика предложения
Тренировочные предложения.

Тренировочные упражнения.

1. Прочитайте предложения с нисходящим тоном.

А) ‘This is a dog. It is a ‘big ↘dog.

‘These are ↘bags. ‘They are ↘small.
That is a ↘pear. It is a juicy ↘ pear.
There is a ‘picture on the ↘wall. There were a ‘lot of ↘children in the museum.
‘ Peter is an eng -↘ineer. ‘He is my ↘brother. ‘He is a ‘good ↘man.

b) Come ↘there. Come ↘in. Come ↘here. ‘Take a ↘sit, please. ‘Stay ↘there. Be ↘quiet. ‘Take the ‘dog  for a ↘walk. ‘Don’t be ↘late. ‘Don’t ↘tell her about him.  ‘Don’t ↘laugh at me. ‘Let’s ‘go to ↘Poland. 
‘Let’s ‘do it ↘together. ‘Let’s ‘go to the ↘cinema.

c) 'What is ↘this? ‘'What is ↘that? 'What are ↘these? 'What are ↘those? 'Who is ↘this? 'Who is ↘that? 'Who is ‘this ↘man? 'Who is that ↘boy? 'What’s your ↘name? 'What’s his ↘name? 'Where are you ↘from? 'Where is she ↘from? 'Where is ↘Peter? 'Where are ↘you? 'Whose ↘handbag is this? 'Whose ↘car is that? 'Whose ↘pictures are these? ‘How ↘old are you? 'What are ↘you? 'What is your ↘job? 'When was your ‘mom ↘born? 'Where do you ↘live? 'What is she ↘interested in? ‘How many ↘friends have you got? 'Why don’t you 'want to ↘join us?

2. Прочитайте, обращая внимание на интонацию альтернативных и расчлененных вопросов.

a) 'Is this ↗sofa or an ↘armchair? 'Are these ↗journals or ↘notebooks? Is this a ↗new or an ↘old truck? Are there  ↗big barns or ↘small ones over there? 'Are the 'plays ↗long or ↘short at the theatre? ’Is the 'hotel ↗chip or ↘expansive? There is a  ↗table |’where ‘you can 'find many ↗books | in 'all ' foreign  ↘languages.

b) ‘My ↗wife, my ↗son, and ↗I are on the ‘way to the ↘beach. There is a ↗sofa, ‘five ↗chairs, a ‘coffee ↗table and an ↗armchair in my ↘study. ‘We ‘like playing ↗badminton, ‘table ↗tennis, ↗softball, ↗baseball and ↗football in the ↘park. At ↗home ‘I like to ‘play computer ↗games, ‘watch ↗TV and ‘talk with my ↘son.

c) On the ↗wall | in the ↗corner | there is a large ↘stand lamp. On the  ↗table | we could 'find a lot ↗books | in ↘English. The  ↗pears | that are on the ↗table | are ↘ripe. ↗Belarus | which is situated in ↗Europe | is not a ↘big country.

3. Прочитайте и обратите внимание на разделительные вопросов.

‘He is a ↘doctor, ↗isn’t he? ‘We are not a ↘carpenter,  ↗are you? My 'friends ‘have just 'returned from ↘Moscow, ↗hasn’t he? ‘They'll do their ↘best, ↗won't they? ‘He is a ‘good ↘student, ↗isn’t he? ‘We haven’t ‘gone to my ↘office, ↗have we? There is a ‘table in the ‘middle of the ↘room,  ↗isn’t there?

4. Отработайте чтение фраз, выражающих просьбу.

'Say it a ↗gain. 'Come ↗in. "Will you 'open the ↗window?
'Come ↗here. 'Let’s ↗go. Give me your ↗pen, please.

5. Попросите что-нибудь у собеседнику, используя данную модель:

- ‘Give me your ↗pen, please.
- 'Here you ↗are. ('Here it  ↗is).
- 'Thank you.
- 'Not at  ↗all. (Don’t ↗mention it).

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