Present Continuous (I am going)

Present Continuous (I am going)
Present Continuous
Действие в процессе:
√ в момент речи.
√ Вокруг настоящего;
√ Совершенствование, развитие, изменение вокруг настоящего;
√ Два и более процесса;
√ Запланированное действие.
√ Элемент критики;
√ Временное действие..

Утвердительнoе Отрицательнoе Вопросительнoе
I am walking. I am not walking. Am I walking?
He is walking. He is not walking. Is he walking?
She is walking. She is not walking. Is she walking?
It is walking. It is not walking. Is it walking?
We are walking. We are not walking. Are we walking?
You are walking. You are not walking. Are you walking?
They are walking. They are not walking. Are they walking?


1. Действие в процессе в момент речи. (When action in progress at the moment of speaking.)

  • “What are you doing? – I am fishing”.
  • He is looking at you. Do you know him?

2. Действие в процессе вокруг настоящего. When action in progress around the present time.

  • She is writing a book this year.
  • Now Nick is studying German.

3. Когда совершенствование, развитие, изменение вокруг настоящего. (When there is change, development, improvement)

  • It is getting cold this month.
  • Our children are getting cleverer and cleverer.

4. Запланированное действие. (When people speak about prearranged actions)

  • My sister is visiting me today.
  • What are you doing tomorrow?

5. Элемент критики. (Element of criticism (annoying). It usually goes with (always, constantly, continually and forever)

  • He is forever bitting his nails.
  • Why are you always leaving your clothes around?

6. Временное действие. (Present Continuous is used when we speak about temporary actions)

  • She is looking for a job.
  • She is visiting her sister.

Слова определители:

  • At the moment — в настоящий момент
  • at present — в настоящий момент
  • now — сейчас
  • currently — в текущий момент
  • just — прямо сейчас
  • still — всё ещё


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