Упражнения к give back, away, off, in, out, up

Условное наклонение
1. Fill in the particle(s) correctly. Translate the sentences. Упражнения с Фразовыми глаголми give

1. Can I borrow that book? They’ll give it... to her tomorrow.
2. After the operation David had to give ... smoking.
3. He gave ... most of his money to charity.
4. This chemical gave ... a unpleasant smell.
5. They gave ... to the strikers’ demands.

6. They tried to study Italian but soon they got tired and gave it... .
7. Their food supplies gave ... sooner than they had planned, so they had to return home.
8. They’d better not give... these secrets to anyone, or I will be angry with them.
9. The rebels have been forced to give ....
10. Please give your work ... before Monday.
11. The information has also been given ... about courses for teachers of English.
12. On that day they gave ... that fresh papers had been found.
13. She never completely gave... hope.
14. The hijacker has just given himself ... to the police.
15. Her little girl had cried so the dog had been given ....
16.I gave... his ring and his jacket.
17. We mustn’t give ... to threats.
18. She gave ... her work to look after the children.
19. The examiners is the person in auditorium who give ... examination tickets.
20. I give ... - tell me the answer.
21. Even Ruskin gave ... the attempt in despair.
22. The secret plans have been given … and now the chief is furious.
23. The factory gives ... a lot of smoke, causing pollution.
24. Although they were losing the match, the team refused to give ....
25. The shop is giving... free gifts to anyone who spends more than 30.
26. The papers were given ... and we had an hour to do the test.
27. In the end she has given ... trying to explain everything to us.
28. No vodka for her, thanks. She’s given it....
29. She was standing at the buss stop giving leaflets ... to passers-by.
30. When is she going to give him ... her camera?
31. The names of the winners were given … on the radio.
32. When she was only a two miles from her destination the gas gave ....
33.They tried running, but They gave ... after about twenty minutes.
34. I said, ‘Please Ma’am, I should like to give ... my notice.’
35. The flowers give... a fragrant perfume.
36. Her patience finally gave ....
37. The motor gave ... suddenly.


2. Translation into English. Упражнения с Фразовыми глаголми give


1. Он подарил свою лучшую машину.
2. Когда зазвенел звонок, студенты сдали экзаменационные (работы) преподавателю.
3. Она не уступила бы, даже если она не была прав.
4. Верните книгу, которую вы брали.
5. Из-за плохого здоровья она вынуждена была оставить работу.
6. Кто распределял билеты?
7. Эта лампа очень ярко светит (дает яркий свет).
8. Это растение плохо пахнет.
9. Я думаю, что вам придется отказаться от мысли провести свой отпуск на юге в июле.
10. Если бы Джон был на нашем месте, он бы не уступил ей.
11. Продовольствие будут распределять завтра.
12. Скоро объявят о дате выборов.
13. Силы покинули меня.
14. У нас кончились деньги.
15. Не переставай искать (не прекращай поиск).
16. Вам надо бросить курить.
17. Он раздал все свои деньги.
18. Хозяева вынуждены были уступить.
19. Сдаемся, сами расскажите, чем этот инцидент закончился.
20. Не сдавайтесь! 21. Как жаль, что он бросил музыку.
22. Он не терял надежды.

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