Различие past simple и past perfect

различие past simple, present perfect

√ Одно действие произошло раньше другого.
√ Отдельное действие или событие в прошлом.
√ Мы хотели что-то сделать, но не сделали.
√ Совершившееся действие перед новым промежутком времени.
Past Simple Past Perfect

1) Используется past simple вместо past perfect, когда мы просто говорим об отдельном действие или событие в прошлом:

  • I brought the parcel to his neibour.
  • Sorry I was late, I missed the 13 o’clock train.

2) Когда идет речь о последовательности событий, произошедших в прошлом, и события располагаются обычно в хронологическом порядке, употребляют past simple.

  • Valence Come and his brother were the wealthiest Agendas landowners who emigrated to Agendas in 2013.

3) Чтобы подчеркнуть, что второе событие-это результат первого, мы предпочитаем past simple для обоих случаев:

  • She got free after she devorced with her husband.
  • When the boss entered, all the office stuff stopped talking.


4) Два одновременных события в прошлом.

  • When I was 6 years old, my father took me to the fencing club.

1) Когда одно действие произошло раньше другого:

  • When Valeria entered the room, everyone had stopped laughing. (= they stopped laughing before Valeria came in the room)

2) Когда мы говорим, что мы хотели, или надеялись (и др.) что-то сделать, но не сделали:

  • Valetta had wanted to go to Poland before she left Brest, but the shops don’t open on Sundays.
  • Mackar had hoped to see his friend, but he went to his granny.


3) когда мы используем, выражение времени (напр.
after, as soon as, before, by the time (that),

  • After Valetta had combed her hair, she went to work.

4) Действие, которое совершилось перед новым промежутком времени:

Слова определители:

  • By - к тому моменту как...,
  • Before - перед, до того как...

The play had already finished by the time we came to the theatre.

Exercises: объясните правила используемые в предложениях.

1) I had met Jimm at work before you called me.

2) My daughter missed the train yesterday. Did she catch the next one?

3) When I was a six-year old boy my friend took me to the forest.

4) After he repaired his car he went to his job.

5) By the time I came to my granny's I bought her a present.

6) Jane got up, turned on the radio and had her breakfast.

7) My son had wanted to become a SMM specialist, but he was too lasy.

8) Bill become a fencing coach after he finished the college

II. Раскройте скобки, употребляя Past Simple и Past Perfect.

1) By 10pm I ... (finish) my work and at 11 pm. my friend ... (visit) me

2) When my brother ... (come) to his girl friend, she .. (be) ready.

3) My elder son ... (work) when he ... (be) 17.

4) Mr. Brown ... (leave) his office, ... (catch) a taxi and ... (go) to unknown direction.

5) I always ... (want) to be a wood coverer, but I ... (become) a teacher.

6) We ... (not come) to Jamie yesterday

7) When my mum ... (come) home, I ... already (tidy) my room.


1) had finished, visited

2) came, had been

3) worked, was

4) left, caught, went

5) had wanted, became

6) didn't come

7) came, had tidied

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