Упражнения the Future Continuous or the Simple Future.

Упражнения the Future Continuous or the Simple Future.
I. Put the verbs in brackets into the Future Continuous or the Simple Future.

1. I’ll call for her at 7. — No, don’t; she still (have) breakfast then.

2. You’ve just missed the last train! — Never mind. I (walk).

3. You ask him. It’s no good my asking him. He (not do) anything I say.

4. He says he (meet) us at the bus stop, but I’m sure he (forget) to do it.

5. Don’t ring now; she (watch) her favourite TV programme. — All right. I (ring) at 8.30.

6. Mother: I’m so grateful for the help you’ve given Jack; I hope you (be) able to go on helping him. Teacher: I’m afraid I (not teach) him next term because I only teach the fifth form and he (be) in the sixth.

7. Schoolboy (in school dining hall): The last week of our last term! I wonder what we (do) this time next year. Friend: Well, we (not eat) school dinners anyway. That’s one comfort.

8. I'd like to double-glaze the bedroom windows. — All right. I (get) the materials at once and we (do) it this weekend.

9. You (have) lunch with me on the 24th? — I’d love to, but I’m afraid I (do) my exam then.

10. We (meet) him at the station? — Oh, he (not come) by train. He never comes by train.

11. Wait a bit. Don’t drink your tea. The milkman (come) in a minute.

12. I (work) for Mr Pitt next week as his own secretary (be) away.

13. You (have) something to drink, won’t you?

14. Why did you take his razor? He (look) for it everywhere tomorrow.

15. I’ve fished that river every year for the last fifteen years. — Well, nobody (fish) it next year. The water’s been polluted. All the fish are dead.

16. I don’t feel well enough to go to the station to meet him. — I (meet) him for you. But how I (recognize) him? — He’s small and fair, and he (wear) a black and white school cap.

17. I  hope you (do) well in the race tomorrow. I (think) of you.

18. You’ve left the light on. — Oh, so I have. I (go) and turn it off.

19. I’ve just been appointed assistant at the local library. — Then you (work) under my sister. She is head librarian there.

20. I want to post this letter but I don’t want to go out in the rain. — I (post) it for you. I (go) out anyway as I have to take the dog for a walk.

21. The prima ballerina is ill so I expect her understudy (dance) instead.

22. This time next Monday I (sit) in a Paris cafe reading Le Figaro. — You (not read). You (look) at all the pretty girls.

23. I (cook) any fish you catch, but I (not clean) them. You’ll have to do that yourself.

24. It is nearly autumn; soon the leaves (change) colour.

25. Mother (on phone): My son has just burnt his hand very badly. Doctor: I (come) at once.

26. My son will be in the sixth form next year. — That means that old Adder (teach) him mathematics.

27. I (not show) you any films this time. The projector’s broken down.

28. Housewife: This time next week I (not wash) up the breakfast things. I (have) breakfast in bed in a luxury hotel.

29. Customer in restaurant: Waiter, this plate is dirty. Waiter: I’m sorry, sir. I (bring) you another.

30. I (not wear) glasses when you see me next. I (wear) contact lenses. You probably (not recognize) me.

31. You (use) your typewriter tomorrow evening? — No, you can take it.

32. Guest: May I use your phone to ring for a taxi? Hostess: Oh, there’s no need for that; my son (drive) you home.

33. Come on deck; we (enter) harbour in a few minutes.
34. Are you nearly ready? Our guests (arrive) any minute.

35. She says that she (not lend) me the book, because I never give books back.

36. James (leave) for Australia quite soon. He has got a job there.

37. I (get) you some aspirins if you like. The chemist’s still (be) open. — No, don’t bother. The office boy (go) out in a minute to post the letters; I (ask) him to buy me some.

38. I (write) postcards every week, I promise, and I (tryj to make them legible. If necessary I (type) them.

39. I’m going to Switzerland next week. — You’re lucky. The wild flowers just (come) out

40. You (see) Tom this afternoon. I’d like you to give him a message.

41. I (tell) her what you say but she (not believe) it.

42. This time tomorrow everyone (read) of your success and all sorts of people (ring) up to congratulate you.

43. You (use) your dictionary this morning? — No, you can borrow it if you like.

44. We’ve just got to the top in time. The sun (rise) in a minute.



I will still be having

2 will walk

3 will not do

4 will meet, will forget

5 will be watching, will ring

6 will be able, won’t be teaching, will be

7 shall be doing, shan’t be eating

8 will get, will do

9 will you have, shall/will be doing

10 shall we meet, won’t be coming

11 will be coming

12 shall/will be working, will be

13 will have

14 will be looking

15 will be fishing

16 will meet, shall I recognize, will be wearing

17 will do, shall/will be thinking

18 shall/will go

19 will be working

20 shall/will post, will be going

21 will be dancing

22 shall/will be sitting, won’t be reading, will be looking

23 will cook, won’t clean

24 will be changing

25 will come

26 will be teaching

27 won’t/shan’t be showing

28 won’t/ shan’t be washing, will/shall be having

29 will bring

30 won’t/shan’t be wearing, will/shall be wearing, won’t recognize

31 will you be using

32 will drive

33 shall be entering

34 will be arriving/will arrive

35 won’t lend

36 will be leaving

37 will get, will still be, will be going, will ask

38 will write, will try, will type

39 will just be coming

40 will be seeing/will see

41 will tell, won’t believe

42 will be reading, will be ringing

43 will you be using

44 will be rising

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