Упражнения the Future Perfect or the Future Perfect Continuous.

Present Continuous (I am going)
the Future Perfect or the Future Perfect Continuous
√ упражнение на употребление the Future Perfect or the Future Perfect Continuous

Ex. 1. Use either the Future Perfect or the Future Perfect Continuous.

1. By the time I get up tomorrow morning, the sun will have already risen.

2. He’s never going to stop talking. In 15 more minutes, we (listen) to his lecture for three solid hours. I don’t even know what he’s saying anymore.

3. This is a long trip! By the time we get to Miami, we (ride) on this bus for over 15 hours.

4. What? You’re smoking another cigarette? At this rate you (smoke) a whole pack before lunchtime. Don’t you think you should cut down a little?

5. This is the longest flight I have ever taken. By the time we get to New Zealand, we (fly) for 13 hours. I’m going to be exhausted.

6. Douglas has been putting some money away every month to prepare for his trip to South America next year. By the end of this year, he (save) enough. It looks like he’s going to make it.

7. Can you believe? According to our grammar teacher, by the end of this semester she (teach) more than 3,000 students from 42 different countries. She has been teaching for nearly 20 years — and she still loves it!

8. This traffic is terrible. We’re going to be late. By the time we (get) to the airport, Bob’s plane already (arrive), and he’ll be wondering where we are.

9. This morning I came to class at 9.00. Right now it is 10.00, and I am still in class. I have been sitting at this desk for an hour. By 11. 00 I (sit) here for two hours.

10. I don’t understand how these marathon runners do it! The race began over an hour ago. By the time they reach the finish line, they (run) steadily for more than two hours. I don’t think I can run more than two minutes!

11. What? He got married again? At this rate, he (have) a dozen wives by the time he dies

12. We have been married for a long time. By our next anniversary, we (be) married for 43 years.

13. I hope they (repair) this road by the time we come back next summer.

14. By the end of next week my wife (do) her spring cleaning and we’ll be able to relax again.

15. By this time tomorrow we (have) our injections. 16. By the end of next year I (work) for him for 45 years.

17. He’s only 35 but he’s started losing his hair already. He (lose) all by the time he’s 50.

18. In two months’ time he (finish) his preliminary training and will be starting work.

19. I’ll be back again at the end of next month. — I hope I (pass) my driving test by then. If I have, I’ll meet your train.

20. When Professor Jones retires next month, he (teach) for 45 years.

21. I will go to bed at 10 p.m. He will get home at midnight. I (sleep) for two hours by the time he gets home.




I will have already risen

2 will/shall have been listening

3 will/ shall have been riding

4 will have smoked

5 will/shall have been flying

6 will have saved

7 will have taught

8 get, will have already arrived

9 will/shall have been sitting

10 will have been running
II will have had

12 will/shall have been married

13 will have repaired

14 will have done

15 will/shall have had

16 shall have been working

17 will have lost

18 will have finished

19 will/ shall have passed

20 will have taught/will have been teaching

21 shall/will have been sleeping

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