Упражнения с no longer, any longer, аny more, still,

Наречие. Упражнение на very, too, quite, extremely


  1 Compare what Paul said a few years ago with what he says now. Some things are the same as before and some things have changed. Paul a few years ago (beard)



  I travel a lot. I work in a shop.

  I write poems.

  I want to be a teacher.

  I'm interested in politics. I'm single. I go fishing a lot.

  Paul now

  I travel a lot.

  I work in a hospital.

  I gave up writing poems.

  I want to be a teacher.

  I'm not interested in politics.

  I'm single.

  I haven't been fishing for years.


Write sentences about Paul using still and not . any more.


  1. (travel) _He still travels a lot._

  2. (shop) _He doesn't work in a shop any more.-

  3. (poems) He ---.

  4. (teacher) ---.

  5. (politics) ---.

  6. (single) ---.

  7. (fishing) ---.

  8. (beard) ---.


Now write three sentences about Paul using no longer.


  9. _He no longer works in a shop._

  10. He ---.

  11. ---.

  12 ---.


2 For each sentence (with still) write a sentence with a similar meaning using not ... yet + one of the following verbs:

  decide  find  finish  go  stop  take off  wake up


  1. It's still raining. _It hasn't stopped raining yet._

  2. George is still here. He ---.

  3. They're still having their dinner. They ---.

  4. The children are still asleep ---.

  5. Ann is still looking for a job ---.

  6. I'm still wondering what to do ---.

  7. The plane is still waiting on the runway ---.


3 In this exercise you have to put in still, yet, already or not ... any more in the underlined sentence (or part of a sentence). Study the examples carefully.


  1. Jack lost his job a year ago and _he is unemployed._ _He is still unemployed_

  2. Do you want me to tell Liz the news or _does she know_? _does she already know

  3. I'm hungry. _Is dinner ready_? _Is dinner ready yet_

  4. I was hungry earlier but _I'm not hungry._ _I'm not hungry any more_

  5. Can we wait a few minutes? _I don't want to go out._ ---.

  6. Jill used to work at the airport but _she doesn't work there._ ---.

  7. I used to live in Amsterdam. _I have a lot of friends there_ ---.

  8. 'Shall I introduce you to Jim?' 'There's no need. _We've met._' ---.

  9. _Do you live in the same house_ or have you moved? ---.

  10. Would you like to eat with us or _have you eaten?_ ---.

  11. 'Where's John?' '_He isn't here._ He'll be here soon.' ---.

  12. Tim said he would be here at 8.30. It's 9 o'clock now and _he isn't here._ ---.

  13. Do you want to join the club or _are you a member?_ ---.

  14. It happened a long time ago but _I can remember it very clearly._ ---.

  15. I've put on weight. _These trousers don't fit me._ ---.

  16. '_Have you finished with the paper?_' 'No _I'm reading it._' ---.






  3 He doesn't write poems any more.


  4 He still wants to be a teacher.


  5 He's not/He isn't interested in politics any more.


  6 He's still single.


  7 He doesn't go fishing any more.


  8 He hasn't got a beard any more./He doesn't have ...




  He no longer writes poems.


  He is no longer interested in politics.


  He no longer goes fishing.


  He no longer has a beard./He has no longer got a beard./He's no longer got ...





  2 He hasn't gone yet.


  3 They haven't finished their dinner yet.


  4 They haven't woken up yet.


  5 She hasn't found a job yet. or ... found one yet.


  6 I haven't decided (what to do) yet.


  7 It hasn't taken off yet.





  5 I don't want to go out yet. 6she doesn't work there any more


  7 I still have a lot of friends there.


  8 We've already met.


  9 Do you still live in the same house


  10 have you already eaten


  11 He isn't here yet.


  12 he still isn't here (he isn't here yet is also possible)


  13 are you already a member


  14   1 can still remember it very clearly.


  15 These trousers don't fit me any more.


  16 Have you finished with the paper yet? No, I'm still reading it.

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