Past Simple

1. Study these examples comparing the use of adjectives and adverbs after some verbs.
She looks beautiful in her new dress.
The soup tastes/smells good.
She felt happy on the day they met.
She felt bad. (But: She felt well (unwell).)
She plays tennis badly/well.
She speaks French fluently.


Note: Adjectives (not adverbs) are used after the following link verbs: to seem, to feel, to look, to appear, to sound, to grow, to become, get=become, keep, make, turn


2. Compare the following sentences.
It's a fast car. - The car goes very fast.
It was hard work. - We worked hard. It was early/late . - / arrived early/late.
Note: Fast/hard/early/late are both adjectives (sentences on the left) and adverbs (sentences on the right).


3. Study these examples.


He spoke to the boy in a fatherly manner. She greeted everybody in a friendly way.
The discussion was carried on in a lively way.
Not e: friendly, lovely, lonely, silly, ugly, lively, fatherly, motherly, cowardly are adjectives. They have no adverb forms; instead some other structures are used, e.g. in a friendly way, in a silly manner, etc.


4. Choose the correct variant.


A 1. The floor looks (clean, cleanly). 2. The plane landed (safe, safely) on the runway. 3. When the wind started to blow I grew (anxious, anxiously). 4. This list of names appears (complete, completely). No more names need to be added. 5. The crowd yelled (wild, wildly) when the team scored a goal. 6. The merchant looked (honest, honestly), but she wasn't. When I got home I discovered that she had cheated me. 7. Most of the students did (well, good) on their tests. 8. The contract offer sounded (fair, fairly) to me, so I accepted the job. 9. Jim felt (terrible/terribly) about forgetting his son's birthday. 10. A rose smells (good, well).11. As dawn approached, the sky became (light, lightly).
12. Bert spoke (confident, confidently) when he delivered his speech. 13. I don't think this milk is spoiled. It tastes (fine, finely) to me. 14. Dogs make loving, trainable and (gentle, gently) pets. 15. Tina is always patient and speaks (sensitively, sensitive) when helping her friends with their problems. 16. When people are tired they walk (slow, slowly). 17. I listen to the radio a lot but I (hard, hardly) ever watch television. 18.1 tried (hard, hardly) to remember her name but I couldn't. 19. We (hard, hardly) know each other. 20. Kate is a (hard, hardly) worker. 21. She used to be a great musician, but she (hard, hardly) plays at all now.


B. Linda and Larry are at a restaurant.
Larry: You look (beautiful/beautifully) tonight, Linda.
Linda: Thanks,
Larry. This is a great restaurant! The food
tastes (good/well); and the band sounds (terrific/terrifically).
Larry: Yes. They really play (beautiful/beautifully), don't they? Hey, would you like to dance?
Linda: Sure.
Larry: It feels (nice/nicely) to dance again. You know I haven't danced since our wedding.
Linda: Be careful! Those people are really dancing (bad/ badly).
Larry: You're right. They look (dangerous/dangerously).
Linda: Oh, my toe! Let's sit down.
Larry: Good idea. How about some coffee? The people next to us have just got coffee, and it smells (wonderful/ wonderfully).
Linda: That sounds (nice/nicely).

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