I. Откройте скобки, употребив глагол в правильной вре­менной форме.

1. The boy (to refuse)__________to admit that he (to break)______________the window. So he (to send)_________________home to bring his parents to school.

2. Look, it (to get)____________late. I (to miss)____________the ten o'clock train if I (not to hurry)_______________Jack said he (to come)_______________to pick me up. I don't know why he

(not to appear) _________________ yet. Perhaps he (to get) _______________into the traffic jam.

3. Yesterday Tom and Janice (to go)______to the zoo. They had an adventure there. While they (to walk)_______________by the giraffe, it (to begin)________to chew Janice's hat.


II. Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.

1. ... forecast promises such ... good weather, but I don't believe it.

2. ... typist is ... person who types ... letters and reports.

3. Luckily ... advertisements were ready in ... time for ... exhibition.

4. I would like ... grapes for ... dessert.

III. Вставьте, правильный предлог или послелог, где необ­ходимо.

1. Most people don't go ... holiday ... Christmastime.

2. Don't shout ... children, otherwise they'll get used ... it and will pay no attention ... your words.

3. It's ... to you to decide whether you'll join ... us or not.


IV. Составьте предложения, расположив слова в нужном порядке.

1. mistakes/Pat/number/has/fewest/the/pupils/all/of/made/the/of.

2. most/in/quality/honesty/is/the/admire/of/1/people/all.

3. when/known/you/since/have/Mr. Blake?


 V. Закончите диалог вопросами, подходящими по смыслу.

Sue is back from the shops and she is talking to her husband Joe.

J: ___________________________________________________

S: I had to take a taxi because the bags were very heavy.

J: ___________________________________________________

S: Yes, I did. I got nearly everything I needed.


S: Well, I went to the butcher's and to the bakery and to the grocer's.

J: ______________________________________________________

S: I don't remember how many rolls I have bought. Several, anyway.


S: I didn't buy any steak because the butcher didn't have it at that early



 VI. Переведите на английский язык слова, данные в скоб­ках.

1. Everyone can (делать) _______mistakes.

2. If he really hates his job, why doesn't he look for (другая)________one.

3. Unfortunately I have so (мало)_________opportunities to be of any help to you.

4. I am sorry for the people (которые)_________have no sense of humour.

5. He usually gets up after the sun (встает)__________

6. There are several big parks in London (кроме)_________Hyde Park.

7. Nobody can (сказать)_______the difference between these two things.

8. I don't like to (одалживать)___________things from anybody.


VII. Выберите правильный вариант.


1. a) My mother doesn't let me staying out late.

b) My mother doesn't let me to stay out late.

c) My mother doesn't let me stay out late.

2. a) He's been extremely busy last days.

b) He's been extremely busy these days.

c) He's been extremely busy last time.


VIII. Соедините по смыслу фразы из правой и левой коло­нок.

1. Is Ted still in hospital? a. I'm afraid not

2. Could I speak to Bob, please? b. I am afraid he does.

3. Does he have to go now? c. I am afraid so.





I. 1. refused; had broken; was sent (has refused; has broken; will be sent) (refuses; has broken (broke); will be sent)

    2. is getting; shall (will) miss; don’t hurry (am not hurrying; would come (was coming; would be coming); hasn’t appeared (doesn’t appear); has got

    3. went; were walking (walked); began


II. 1. the; -

    2. a (the); a; -

    3. the; -; the

    4. -; - (the)


III. 1. on; at (before)

    2. at; to; to

    3. up; -


IV. 1. Of all the pupils Pat has made the smallest number of mistakes.

    2. Honesty is the quality I admire in people most of all.

    3. Since when have you known Mr. Blake?


V. 1. How did you get home? (Why did you have to take a taxi?)

    2. Did you buy many things (a lot)?

    3. What shops did you go to?

    4. How many rolls have you bought?

    5. Why didn’t you buy any steak?


VI. 1. make; 2. another; 3. few; 4. who (that); 5. rises (goes up); 6. besides; 7. tell; 8. borrow

VII. 1c;2b

VIII. 1c; 2a; 3b

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