Упражнения с глаголами связки get, become, seem; be,

Упражнения с глаголами связки get, become, seem; be,

1 Write N if to be is Necessary in these sentences and О if it is Optional. (B)

1. The animals seemed to be coming nearer.
2 I could now hear Jane calling, and she seemed to be close by.
3 It was a very serious illness but she appears to be recovering.

4 There seems to be a connection between the disease and exposure to radiation.
5 He says he's leaving and he seems to be serious this time.
6 Dr Hickman appeared to be alone so I walked straight into his office.
7 She seems to be a very kind and thoughtful person.
8 Susan went to bed hours ago but she still seems to be awake.
9 It appears to be an excellent opportunity for me to get more experience.
10 He showed us what at first seemed to be a completely empty box.


2 Underline the correct or more likely alternative. (C)


1 Sorry I'm late. I became/got lost.
2 Although he was young, he became/got regarded by the people as their leader.
3 He wouldn't let me get a word in and it became/got a bit irritating in the end.
4 It's time to go to school. Become/Get ready quickly!
5 She became/got a minister in the government in 1981.
6 As the microscope was focused, the bacteria became/got visible.
7 The children became/got really excited on Christmas Eve.

8 As his condition worsened his speech became/got unintelligible.


3. Complete the sentences with went or turned (into) and one of the following words or phrases. If either verb is possible, give them both. (D)
black dead a film forty missing white wild


1 Just like his father, he ...went..bald,,, before he was thirty.
2 Having now , he feels that his footballing career is coming to an end.
3 I was so dirty, the water in the bath as soon as I stepped into it.
4 When I picked up the receiver, the line
5 When we broke the news to Val, her face and she collapsed.
6 The jewels at exactly the same time as the
child vanished.
7 Her latest novel, The Inner Limits, is to be
8 When Germany scored for a seventh time, the crowd
with excitement.

4 Complete the sentences with an appropriate form of come, get, go, grow or turn. If more than one answer is possible, give them both. (C, D & E)


1 Over the years, he to resemble his father more and more.
2 The mirror broken when I dropped it in the bathroom.
3 I was going to put cheese on my sandwiches, but it had mouldy.
4 They lived in a part of the city that people to call 'The Rocks'.
5 He deaf in his right ear when a gun was fired close to him.
6 Later on, I to understand why my sister had changed.




1. N

2 O
3 N
5 0

6 N
4 N

7 O
8 N

9 O

10 N


1 got
2 became
3 got (more natural than 'become' in this informal context)
4 Get
5 became
6 became
7 got
8 became


2 turned forty
3 went/turned black
4 went dead
5 went/turned white
6 went missing
7 turned into a film
8 went wild


1 came/grew
2 got
3 gone
4 came/grew
5 went
6 came/grew (The context suggests a gradual change, so 'got' is unlikely here.)

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