Test 11


 I. Откройте скобки, употребив глагол в правильной вре­менной форме.


1. I (to walk)_____________________for about half an hour when at

last I (to see)______ a little house near the river. I (to understand)

________________at once that it (to be)________the house about

which Ann (to tell)_____________me a few days before. I (to

knock)__________ at the door and (to ask)_____________to come

in by the voice from inside. A woman (to sit)_____________ at the

window with a book in her hands.

2. Carol and I are old friends. We (to know) __________________

each other since we (to be)________in primary school.

3. As soon as I (to get)______home tonight I (to give)___________

you a call.


 II. Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.

1. There is ... tendency in ... Great Britain and ... USA for ... small shops to disappear. They are eaten up by ... big firms. Such firms have ... branches all over the country. Many English people regret ... disappearance of ... small shops.

2. I told ... children that they wouldn't get ... presents if they behaved badly.


III. Вставьте правильный предлог или послелог, где необ­ходимо.


1. We expect him to arrive ... the hotel ... Sunday morning.

2. His illness is getting worse and I am afraid he'll have to go ... hospital ... an operation ... a week or so.

3. I was pleased ... his reaction ... what I said.


 IV. Составьте предложения, расположив слова в нужном порядке.


1. every/over/societies/university/a/clubs/and/has/meet/interest/to/the/ got/ hundred

2. hard/find/it/suitable/place/a/for/battle/was/scenes/to/the?

3. a/us/is/there/scientists/don't/still/lot/around/know/that


 V. Закончите диалог вопросами, подходящими по смыслу.

Ann is Julia's guest in London. They are planning their week-end.

J: _________________________:____________________________

A: Yes, I have seen some of the places already.

J: ____________________________________________________

A: The National Gallery and the British Museum.

J:' ______________________________________________________

A: I'd like to see a play.


A: «The Paradise» theatre might be nice.

J: _____________________________________________._______

A: «All Her Sons» by A.Miller this week.


VI. Переведите на английский язык слова, данные в скоб­ках.

1. Why did she buy so (мало)__________lemons at the market?

2. I've brought only two of your books. I'll bring (другие)__________next Friday.

3. James works (гораздо)_________harder than Ken.

4. Have you read anything interesting (в последнее время)__________________________?

5. Unfortunately, there wasn't (ничего) ___________I could do to help.

6. We haven't yet (сделали) _________any plans for the holiday.

7. Alex (сказал)_________me that they were leaving in the morning.

8. That morning he stayed at home because he felt (плохо)__________________


VII. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. a) Who speaks so loudly over there?

b) Who is speaking so loudly over there?

c) Who is saying so loudly over there?

2. a) It's such wonderful news, thank you.

b) It's so wonderful news, thank you.

c) It's such a wonderful news, thank you.


VIII. Соедините по смыслу фразы из левой и правой коло­нок.

1. Thank you for the lift. a. Not in the least.

2. Would you mind calling later? b. Here you are.

3. Could you lend me your pen for a moment? c. Not at all.



I. 1. had been walking (had walked); saw; understood; was; had told; knocked; was asked; was sitting

2. have known; were

3. get; shall (will) give


II. La;-; the; -; -; -; the; -
2. the; -


III. 1. at; on
2. to; for; in
3. with; to


IV. 1. The university has got over a hundred societies and clubs to meet every interest.
2. Was it hard to find a suitable place for the battle scenes?
3. There is a lot around us that scientists still don’t know.


V. 1. Have you seen any places of interest in London already (yet)?
2. What have you seen?
3. What would you like to do next?
4. What theatre would you like to go to?
5. What’s on there?


VI. 1. few; 2. the others; 3. much; 4. lately (recently); 5. anything;
6. made; 7. told; 8. bad (unwell)


VII. lb; 2a


VIII. lc; 2a; 3b


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