Упражнение на have and take, have got and have.

Упражнение на be, become, seem, etc .
I. Complete these sentences with an appropriate form of have got if possible. If it is not possible, use an appropriate form of have instead. (A)
1 I'll phone you tomorrow. I_________________your office number.
2 The car only cost £500 and runs really well. We____________seem a bargain.

3 To do this trick you need____________ two packs of cards.
4 If you had wanted to, you could____________ our new address from my parents.
5 She admitted____________ no recollection of the meeting.
6 I expect that you will______________ my letter by now.
7 As a child, he used_______________ nightmares about earthquakes knocking down his home.
8 They put up their tent in the field,______________ permission from the farmer.
9 'Have you still got that old caravan of yours?' ' Yes, I ___________'
10 He was about to call Jan when he suddenly_______________ a better idea.
11 After she let Bill's bicycle tyres down, Nancy felt that she____________ her revenge.
12 Do you think they_____________ the right equipment to do the job?


II Complete these sentences with an appropriate form of have or take and one of these nouns. If either verb is possible, write them both. (B)

care, a dislike, an effect, a fall, a holiday, a look, power, a say, a sip, a word

1 Mr Hammond, may I ..have a word with you, please. It's about my salary.
2 I to Cathy's new boyfriend the moment I met him.
3 After breakfast yesterday we around the park.
4 Can you of Peter on Saturday while I go shopping?
5 Olivia's recent illness obviously on her performance in the match.
6 It's very important for the workers to in how the company is run.
7 She of her coffee, but it was still too hot to drink.
8 I felt much better after I had in the sun.
9 I on a patch of ice and broke my glasses.
10 When the present government in 1996, inflation was 250%.
11 If you're thinking of buying the house, come and around.


III Describe what happened. Use take or have in your answer. (B)




VI. A number of common expressions include have or take + noun. Do you know what these mean?
1 Why don't you have a go?
2 Well, that really takes the biscuit!
3 I'll have to take the plunge and tell her.
4 She was always taking the mickey out of me.



1. 've (have) got (= possession) ('have' is also possible)
2 to have got (= obtained) ('to have' is also possible)
3 to have (= to-infinitive)
4 have got (= obtained/received)
5 having (= -ing form)
6 have got (= received) ('have' is also possible)
7 to have (= used to)
8 having got (= obtained/received)
9 have (= short answer)
10 had (= past)
11 had got (= obtained) ('had had' is also possible)
12 've (have) got (= possession) ('have' is also possible)
(Note that we can also use a form of 'get' in some of these sentences: 3 to get; 4 get; 7 to get; 8 getting; 10 got)

2 took a dislike (notice that we say 'take a liking', not 'take a like')
3 took/had a stroll
4 take care
5 had an effect
6 have a say
7 took/had a sip
8 taken/had a holiday
9 had a fall
10 took power
11 take/have a look


1 He had a meal / something to eat.
2 They had a quarrel.
3 He had a wash.
4 He took a photograph.
5 They had/took a break.
6 They had/took a walk/ stroll.
7 They had/took a swim.


1 Why don't you have a go?
(= try)
2 Well, that really takes the biscuit! (= used to show that I think it's one of the most surprising or stupid things I've ever heard of someone doing)
3 I'll have to take the plunge and tell her. (= decide to do something, particularly something that I don't want to do and have been thinking about for a long time)
4 She was always taking the mickey out of me. (= making fun of me in an unkind way, particularly by copying what I said or did)

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Используемый материал: Advanced Grammar in Use. Martin Huings. Cambridge University Press. 1999. p. 55

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