Test 13

Наречие. Упражнение на very, too, quite, extremely

I. Откройте скобки, употребив глагол в правильной вре­менной форме.

Dear Ann,

I(to write)____________to you because I hope that you will help

me. If you(to answer)__________my letter as soon as you can I(to

be)_________grateful to you.

A strange thing(to happen)____________to me yesterday. You

of course know my friend George. He(to move)____________to a

new flat recently. We(to meet)______in 1987 and(to be)__________

friends ever since.

I(to invite)_______________to his housewarming party a few

days ago. The thing is that when I(to speak)_______________to him

on the phone, the doorbell(to ring)__________I(to hang)_________

up and when I returned the paper with his address on it(to disappear)

____________________So I don't know where he lives. Maybe you

can help me.



II. Вставьтеартикль, где необходимо.

It was ... beautiful day although there were ... few clouds in the sky. We went for ... walk by ... sea and then decided to visit ... Johnsons who live next to ... Lake Erewash. As we had left ... car by ... hotel we were staying at we went there by train. We had ... dinner at their place and had ... very enjoyable time.


III. Вставьте правильный предлог или послелог, где необ­ходимо.

1. It doesn't matter ... me if we go out ... dinner or eat at home.

2. We are going ... holiday ... next month and I am looking forward ... it.

3. I apologized ... Ann ... keeping her late.


IV. Составьте предложения, расположив слова в нужном порядке.

1. think/will/time/for/be/dinner/you/do/you/today/in?

2. most/thing/her/future/children/of/the/worried/only/that/was/the/her.

3. hope/here/bus/three/the/in/minutes/be/I/will.



V. Закончитедиалогвопросами, подходящимипосмыслу.

Cathy and Dennis are discussing their week-end.


C: I went to the ballet last night.


C: «The Sleeping Beauty».


C: Heather Kirkland was dancing the main part and there were several

new dancers as well.


C: She usually dances well but yesterday she danced badly.


C: Not really. I prefer disco dancing.


VI. Переведите на английский язык слова, данные в скоб­ках.

1. You are not going(никуда)____________until you finish doing

your homework.

2. At present he is(
делает)___________excellent progress learning

to be a programmer.

3. Can you stay here(
немного)_________. longer?

4. He never(
одалживает)____________anything from other people.

5. It would be(
намного)_________quicker to get there by car.

6. I haven't heard from him(

7. She's got(
такие)_________beautiful green eyes.

8. — He refused to speak at the meeting. — I(


VII. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. a) The old man's clothes was torn.

b) The old man's clothes were torn.

c) The old man's clothes is torn.

2. a) We'll be glad if we are allowed to take the exams earlier.

b) We'll be glad if we'll be allowed to take the exams earlier.

c) We'll be glad if we'll allow to take the exams earlier.


VIII. Соедините по смыслу фразы из левой и правой коло­нок.

1. How about going for a picnic? a. That's OK.

2. Sorry to keep you waiting. b. I am all for it.

3. Is that bag heavy, Marry? c. Not at all.





I. I. am writing; answer; will (shall) be; happened; has moved; met; have been; was invited; was speaking; rang; hung; had disappeared

II. a; a; a; the; the; -; the; the; -; a

III. 1. to; for
2. on; -; to
3. to; for

IV. 1. Do you think you will be in time for dinner today? (Will you be in time for dinner today do you think?)
2. The only thing that worried her most was the future of her children. (The future of her children was the only thing that worried her most).
3.1 hope the bus will be here in three minutes.

V. 1. How did you spend your week-end? (What did you do at the week-end?)
2. What did you see? (What ballet was it?)
3. Who danced (was dancing) the main part?
4. How did she dance yesterday? (Did you like her dancing? Did she dance well last night?)
5. Do you like ballet?

VI. 1. anywhere; 2. making; 3. a little, a bit, a little bit; 4. borrows;
5. much (far); 6. lately (recently); 7. such; 8. So did I

VII. 1b; 2a

VIII. 1b; 2a; 3c




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