Test 14

Past Simple

I. Откройте скобки, употребив глагол в правильной вре­менной форме.

1. Snow(to promise)_______________tomorrow by the forecast. If

it(to snow)____________tomorrow, I(to stay)____________

at home.

2. Horses(to introduce)_______________into the Americans by

Spaniads in the early fifteenth century. Spanish explorers(to bring)

___________them in their ships and later most of the horses(to

become)_________wild animals.

3. When I(to get)_______to the Parker family yesterday afternoon

around two o'clock, Mr. Parker(to work)_______________on his

car. He saidhe (to get)_____________ in a road accident and the

repairs(to take)________________him another day or two.

4. — Where's Robinson?

— He(to prepare)______________for tomorrow's seminar. He

just(to return)_____________from the library.


II. Вставьтеартикль, гденеобходимо.

The buffalo is ... large animal living in ... North America. Many years ago ... people from ... other lands came to America. ... immigrants crossed ... country in ... wagon trains. They killed ... buffalo for ... food. Today you can sometimes buy ... buffalo meat at a restaurant.


III. Вставьте правильный предлог или послеслог, где не­обходимо.

1. Who is responsible in your family ... washing the dishes ... dinner?

2. Jane has been interested ... ancient history ... her first year ... college.

3. My coat is similar ... yours but different ... Ben's.


IV. Составьте предложения, расположив слова в нужном порядке.

1. just/I/for/waiting/he/have/man/is/the/been.

2. understand/the/about/you/teacher/is/do/what/talking?

3. mother/to/take/me/advised/my/English/course/another.


V. Закончите диалог вопросами, подходящими по смыслу.

Mr. X is going to Mexico on business. He is talking to the secretary.

X ____________________________.__________________________

S: No, you needn't. We have reserved a room in a good hotel for you.


S: It's the Sunday morning flight.

X _________________________________

S: Take only light clothes and, perhaps, an umbrella.

X ___________________________________.__________________

S: Yes, we'll contact you every day.


S: The information will be sent by mail to the hotel.


VI. Переведите на английский язык слова, данные в скоб­ках.

1. There are(
меньше)__________mistakes in your test than in


2. He had two choices but he didn't want(


3. Tim works(
усердно)__________at school but Tom is a bit lazy.

4. Will you(
сделать)__________me a favour?

5. I don't want(
ничего)_____________at all.

6. It isn't as(
легко)__________as that.

7. The flag(
поднялся)__________on the mountain peak.

8. Every evening he(
рассказывает)__________a story to his son.


VII. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. a) The bill isn't such expensive as I thought it would be.

b) The bill isn't so expensive as I thought it would be.

c) The bill isn't more expensive as I thought it would be.

2. a) I haven't been at the cinema for ages.

b) I wasn't at the cinema for ages.

c) I won't be at the cinema for ages.


VIII. Соедините по смыслу фразы из левой и правой коло­нок.

1. Your ticket, please. a. Sure.

2. May I have another biscuit? b. You are welcome any time.

3. Can I see your new house? c. Here you are.





I. 1. is promised (has been promised); snows; will (shall) stay
2.were introduced; brought (had brought); became
3.got; was working; had got; would take
4. is preparing; has returned


II. a; the; the; -; the; -; -


III. 1. for; after
2. in; since; at
3. to; from

IV. 1. He is just the man I have been waiting for.
2. Do you understand what the teacher is talking about?
3. My mother advised me to take another English course.

V. 1. Do I have to reserve a room in a hotel? (Must I ... ?)
2.When do I leave (fly)? When is the flight?
3.What clothes shall I take? (Shall I take warm and light clothes?)
4.Will you contact me?
5.How will I get the information?

VI. 1. fewer; 2.either; 3. hard; 4. do; 5. anything; 6. easy; 7. rose;

VII. lb; 2a

VIII. lc; 2a; 3b

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