Упражнение с пассивным залогом с -ing или to- инфинитив

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1 Using one was/were + past participle (passive) form, and one past simple (active) form, which

one of the two verbs can complete both sentences in the pair? (A)



1 a She .was.noticed, coming into class late. (recall /(notice))

b I ..noticed... her carrying a yellow bag.

2 a I them taking apples from my garden. (catch / not mind)

b They stealing apples from the farmer's fields.

3 a As he fell into the pool, he himself shouting for help. (imagine / hear)

b Jones shouting at Mrs Markham before the robbery.

4 a I waiting for at least an hour. (dislike / keep)

b I getting caught in the rain without an umbrella.

5 a We the bills waiting for us when we got home. (find / dread)

b They entering the building with knives.

6 a We the birthday presents that Uncle Joseph sent. (see / like)

b The children playing football in the park this morning.


2 Complete the sentences using a pair of verbs. Use the past simple for the first verb and a passive

form with being + past participle or to be + past participle for the second. (A & B)

avoid / ran down seem / design appear / crack deserve / given

not mind / photograph deny / pay resent / ask tend / forget

1 He ...deserved to be ..given... a n award for bravery.

2 The tin opener for left-handed people.

3 He any money for giving his advice to the company.

4 She to make tea for everyone at the meeting.

5 Many reliable methods of storing information when computers arrived.

6 I narrowly by the bus as it came round the corner.

7 The parents with their children.

8 The window in a number of places.


3 If necessary, correct these sentences. (A & B)

1 Ken was wanted to be the leader of the party.

2 I had been taught to be played chess by the time I was four.

3 Monica is considered to be the best student in the class.

4 The painting has been reported being missing.

5 Derek is hated to be away from home so often.

6 Joan and Frank are being allowed to keep the prize money.

7 Jane is preferred to ride her bike where her parents can see her.


4 Make passive sentences beginning with the underlined word(s). Does the sentence you have

written have a corresponding meaning to the original, or a different meaning? (B)

1 The Japanese visitors struggled to understand lames.

2 The questions appeared to confuse David.

3 The teacher tended to ignore the girls at the front.

4 Lesley refused to congratulate Tim.




2 a caught; b were caught

3 a heard; b was heard

4 a was kept; b kept

5 a found; b were found

6 a saw; b were seen



2 seemed to be designed

3 denied being paid

4 resented being asked

5 tended to be forgotten

6 avoided being run down

7 didn't mind being photographed

8 appeared to be cracked



1 No passive. Possible correction:

People wanted Ken to be the leader of the party.

2 I had been taught to play chess...

3 √

4 The painting has been reported (to be) missing.

5 No passive. Possible correction:

Everyone hates Derek to be away from home so often.

6 √

7 No passive. Possible correction:

Her parents prefer Jane to ride her bike where they can seeher.



1 James struggled to be understood by the Japanese visitors, (different meaning)

2 David appeared to be confused by the questions, (corresponding meaning)

3 The girls at the front tended to be ignored by the teacher, (corresponding meaning)

4 Tim refused to be congratulated by Lesley, (different meaning)

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