Упражнения к on/in/at place (1)

Money problem. Lesson one A reading


1 Answer the questions about the pictures. Use in, at or on with the words below the pictures.

  (bottle), (traffic lights), (arm), (door),

(Paris), (wall), (top/ bottom /stairs),

(gate), (end/queue), (beach)


  1. Where's the label? _On the bottle._

  2. Where is the car waiting? ---.

  3. Where's the fly? ---.

  4. a. Where's the notice? ---.

  b. Where's the key? ---.

  5. Where's the Eiffel Tower?. ---.

  6. Where are the shelves? ---.

  7. a. Where's the woman standing? ---.

  b. And the cat? ---.

  8. a. Where's the man standing? ---.

  b. Where's the bird? ---.

  9. Where's Tom standing? ---.

  10. Where are the children playing?. ---.


2 Complete the sentences. Use in, at or on + one of the following:

  the window / your coffee / the mountains / that tree /my guitar / the river  the island / the next garage


  1. Look at those people swimming _in the river._

  2. One of the strings --- is broken.

  3. There's something wrong with the car. We'd better stop ---.

  4. Would you like sugar ---?

  5. The leaves --- are a beautiful colour.

  6. Last year we had a wonderful skiing holiday ---.

  7. There's nobody living --- It's uninhabited.

  8. He spends most of the day sitting --- and looking outside.


3 Complete the sentences with in, at or on.


  1. Write your name _at_ the top of the page.

  2. I like that picture hanging --- the wall the kitchen.

  3. There was an accident --- the crossroads this morning.

  4. I wasn't sure whether I had come to the right office. There was no name --- the door.

  5. --- the end of the street there is a path leading to the river.

  6. You'll find the sports results --- the back page of the newspaper.

  7. I wouldn't like an office job. I couldn't spend the whole day sitting --- a desk.

  8. My brother lives --- a small village  . the south-west of England.

  9. The man the police are looking for has a scar --- his right cheek.

  10. The headquarters of the company are --- Milan.

  11. Nicola was wearing a silver ring --- her little finger.







  2 At the traffic lights.


  3 On his arm. or On the man's arm.


  4 a. On the door.


     b. In the door.


  5 In Paris.


  6 On the wall.


  7 a. At the top of the stairs.


     b. At the bottom (of the stairs).


  8 a. At the gate.


     b. On the gate.


  9 At the end of the queue.


  10 On the beach.





  2 on my guitar


  3 at the next garage


  4 in your coffee


  5 on that tree


  6 in the mountains


  7 on the island


  8 at the window





  2 on the wall in the kitchen

  3 at 

  4 on

  5 At 

  6 on

  7 at

    in ... in

  9 on 

  10 in 

  11 on

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