Фразовые глаголы с dig, dish,do, draw.

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√ dig.
√ dish.
√ do.
√ draw.
√ drive.
√ drop.

dig into/ in наброситься, навалиться (на еду); to start to eat food with enthusiasm (slang)
When our aunt arrived, the cousin dug into his dinner.
Jane has dug in and finished her chores pretty quickly.


dish out разг. раздавать (с блюда), подавать; давать; He dished out ( smb. serves food onto plate for a dinner)
Can we ask her to dish out the mushrooms please?
dish up подать на столы (блюдо и т. п.) smb serves food onto plate for a dinner; dish out, serve
Collect these plates while I go and dish up the main course.


do away with покончить с чем-либо, отменить, упразднить, to abolish
We have done away with the old tax system.
The headmistress thought old uniform should have been done away with 7 years ago.
do up
1. приводить в порядок, убирать; ремонтировать to make tidy; to repair; to decorate
We made money by finding old flats and having them done up. The theatre was horrible, done up as cheaply as possible.
2. застегивать, завязывать to fasten Do up your coat.
We’ve eaten so much lately that my trousers can’t be done up!
do with не помешало бы, не повредило бы; (ограничиваться чем-либо, довольствоваться.) to be satisfied with sth as there is nothing better.
We're tired and cold. We could do with a hot, strong coffee.
Can you do with a ten-rouble note?
do without обходиться без чего-либо., кого-либо. to manage without smb/smth
Most Roman households did without a sewige system altogether.
If Victor didn’t have any friend for entertainment, he simply did without them.


Draw back – пятиться назад (при испуге или удивлён) to, move backwards, step back especially when someone is surprised or frightened:
Suddenly, Jane got startled and drew back.
draw in
1) медленно останавливаться, 2) привлекать людей
If I were you I would use the advertisement as a possibility to draw more customers in.


draw on something воспользоваться частью накоплений.
When smb. uses part of savings such as money:
We have drawn on our savings to buy a new flat.


draw out брать, снимать (деньги)
I drew out some money from our bank.
Расположить кого-либо на разговор.
When somebody makes someone else feel less shy and more want to talk:
My younger brother just needs a girl to draw him out and make him to be taken an interest in.

draw smth. out (f) – объяснить что-то детально и подробно:
There were three important subject matters to be drawn out during this talk.
draw something out – сократить что-то.
to make any events last longer than it can be:
The private questions are drawing the talk out for the second hour.

draw up
draw smth up подготовить письменно документ или контракт.
to make ready written documents, such as contracts or lists:
Two lists of the things needs to be drawn up.
draw up proposals/ plans
Reforming the law was proposed to draw up.
Three contracts were drawn up two years ago.

2 затормозить, притормозить (if a vehicle drew up, it arrived somewhere and stopped:
My car drew up at the entrance.
3 draw up a chair – пододвинуть стул.
to move a chair closer to someone or something

drive away/off уезжать, отъезжать to leave in a vehicle The robbers drove off/away in a stolen vehicle.
drive on продолжать путь to continue driving Don’t stop — drive on!

drop in заходить, заглядывать to visit someone without making any formal arrangement to do so; call in
He dropped in for a few minutes to ask if he could borrow your power drill.

drop in at sb’s place but drop in on sb
I thought I’d drop in on you while I was passing.

I dropped in at the library on my way to the office.
drop off высаживать пассажиров
can you drop Daisy off on my way home.


drop out бросать, оставлять (учебу, занятия) to leave college , school, etc. without finishing study
They started an engineering but dropped out after two years.


drop round заходить, заглядывать to visit sb without making any formal arrangement to do so; drop in, drop by I’ll drop round when I’ve finished the shopping.


1. Fill in the correct particle(s). Translate the sentences.
1. She couldn’t do... efficient workers. 2.We gather we can do... a perfect night’s sleep. 3. Nikolas and Mike were doing ... the yard of our house. 4. We did il-literacy many years ago. 5. If they can’t get it to us in time, we've just had to do ... .6. She said she would do ... any tea. 7. At the sight of all the food, thoughts of diets were done. 8. I could do ... her sarcastic compliment. 9. The old house needed doing ... . 10. He couldn’t do ... the buttons on his coat. 11. They wear long furcoats that are done ... at their necks. 12. She dug ... her bowl of pasta. 13. Help yourselves, everybody! Dig ... ! 14. We could not wash the saucepans until the food was dished .... 15. We tried dishing ... earlier, but people complained. 16. We heard him drive.... 17. We stopped for a few minutes and then drove ... . 18. Sorry my friends were late — they dropped the restaurant on the way. 19. I presumed I’d just drop ... and see how you were. 20. I dropped...her during the afternoon. 21. He had dropped ... of the college in the first term. 22. Could your brother drop us ... near the post office? 23. I drew... 200. 24. Can I draw $ 350 ... my account?

2. Translate into English.
1. Mы бы не отказались от хорошего горячего супа. 2.Нам не мешало бы съесть чего-нибудь. 3. Мы не прочь хорошенько позагорать. 4. Мой брат думает, что в тот момент он мог бы обойтись и без санитарки. 5. Она полагала, что в том проекте она могла обойтись без новичков, поскольку они еще плохо ориентируются в таком деле. 6. С куревом покончено.
7. Этот устаревший метод был отменен. 8. Пора навести порядок в комнате. 9. Отделка наших кабинетов в стиле, который предложил молодой человек, стоил бы слишком дорого. 10. Мои друзья думают, они смогли бы обойтись без этой суммы (денег), которую мне дала моя мама. 11. Необходимо уничтожить эти старые документы. 12. Подай еду на стол. 13. Мой сын заглянет к ее сестре как-нибудь . 14. Давайте зайдем (заскочим) к нему. 15. Когда ’ они уехали? 16. Марк уса родители высадили сына у школы. 17. Сегодня холодно. Застегните куртки, а то простудитесь. 18. Почему они не застегнули куртки, Тома? — У нее отрываются все пуговицы, что мне делать? 19. Я хочу купить холодильник. Я должна взять деньги из своей (stash) заначки.




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