On/in/at (other uses)(5)

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√ (be/go) on holiday/on business/on a trip.

√ go to a place for a holiday.
√ on television/on the radio.
√ on the phone/telephone.
√ (be/go) on strike/on a diet.
√ (be) on fire
√ on purpose
√ in the rain/in the sun.
√ (write) in ink/in biro/in pencil (UNIT 126)

A. On holiday etc.

  (be/go) on holiday/on business/on a trip/on a tour/on a cruise etc.:

  — Tom's away at the moment. He's on holiday in France. (not' in holiday')

  — Did you go to Germany on business or on holiday?

  — One day I'd like to go on a world tour.


Note that you can also say: 'go to a place for a holiday/for my holiday(s)':

  — Tom has gone to France for a holiday. (not 'for holiday')

  — Where are you going for your holidays next summer?


B. Other expressions with on

  on television/on the radio:

  — I didn't watch the news on television, but I heard it on the radio.


on the phone/telephone:

  — You can't phone me. I'm not on the phone. (= I haven't got a phone.)

  — I've never met her but I've spoken to her on the phone.


(be/go) on strike/on a diet:

  — There are no trains today. The railway workers are on strike.

  — I've put on a lot of weight. I'll have to go on a diet.


(be) on fire:

  — Look! That car is on fire!


on the whole (= in general):

  — Sometimes I have problems at work but on the whole I enjoy my job.


on purpose (= intentionally):

  — I'm sorry. I didn't mean to annoy you. I didn't do it on purpose.


But: by mistake/by chance/by accident.


C. Expressions with in


in the rain/in the sun (=sunshine)/in the shade/in the dark /in bad weather etc.:

  — We sat in the shade. It was too hot to sit in the sun.

  — Don't go out in the rain. Wait until it stops.


(write) in ink/in biro/in pencil:

  — When you do the exam, you're not allowed to write in pencil.


Also: in words, in figures, in BLOCK LETTERS etc.:

  — Please fill in the form in block letters.


(pay) in cash:

  — I paid the bill in cash. but I paid by cheque  by credit card (see Unit 127).


(be/fall) in love (with somebody):

  — Have you ever been in love with anybody?


in (my) opinion:

  — In my opinion, the film wasn't very good.


D. At the age of... etc.

  We say: at the age of .../at a speed of .../at a temperature of ... etc. For example:

  — Jill left school at 16. or ... at the age of 16.

  — The train was travelling at 120 miles an hour. or ... at a speed of 120 miles an hour.

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