Noun + preposition (reason for, cause of etc.)

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Noun + preposition (reason for, cause of etc.)
A. Noun + for...
B. Noun+ of...
C. Noun + in...
D. Noun+ to ...
E. Noun + with .../between ...

A. Существительное + for...
  cheque FOR (a sum of money):
  - They sent me a cheque for 75 pounds.

demand FOR/a need FOR ...:
  - The firm closed down because there wasn't enough demand for its product.
- There's no excuse for behaviour like that. There's no need for it.

reason FOR ...:
  - The train was late but nobody knew the reason for the delay. (not 'reason of)
B. Существительное + of... 
  an advantage/a disadvantage OF ...:
  - The advantage of living alone is that you can do what you like.
but we usually say: 'there is an advantage in (or to) doing something':
  - There are many advantages in (or to) living alone.
a cause OF ...:
  - Nobody knows what the cause of the explosion was.
a photograph/a picture/a map/a plan/a drawing (etc.) OF ...:
  - She showed me some photographs of her family.
  - I had a map of the town, so I was able to find my way around.
C. Существительное + in...
  an increase/a decrease/a rise/a fall IN (prices etc.):
  - There has been an increase in the number of road accidents recently.
  - Last year was a bad year for the company. There was a big fall in sales.
D. Существительное + to ...
  damage TO ...:
  - The accident was my fault, so I had to pay for the damage to the other car.
an invitation TO ... (a party/a wedding etc.):
  - Did you get an invitation to the party?
a solution TO (a problem)/a key TO (a door)/an answer TO (a question)/a reply TO (a letter)/a reaction TO ...
  - Do you think we'll find a solution to the problem? (not 'a solution of the problem')
  - I was surprised at her reaction to my suggestion.
an attitude TO ... (or TOWARDS ...):
  - His attitude to his Job is very negative. or His attitude towards his Job.
E. Существительное + with .../between ...
  a relationship/a connection/contact WITH ...:
- Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

  - The police want to question a man in connection with the robbery.
but: a relationship/a connection/contact/a difference BETWEEN two things or people:

  - The police believe that there is no connection between the two crimes.
  - There are some differences between British and American English.

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