Упражнения Passive to active

Past Simple

Passive to active

Turn the following sentences into the active voice. Where no agent is mentioned one must be supplied.
       School notice: This door must be kept shut.
      Students must keep this door shut.

1 Why don't you have your eyes tested?(... get an optician to . . . See 119.)

2 This speed limit is to be introduced gradually.

3 The runways are being lengthened at all the main airports.

4 It is now 6 a.m. and at most of the hospitals in the country patients are being wakened with cups of tea.

5 Byron is said to have lived on vinegar and potatoes.

6 By tradition, any sturgeon that are caught by British ships must be offered to the Queen.

7 This notice has been altered.

8 The owners went away last March and since then their houseboat has been used continuously by squatters. (Use a continuous tense and omit continuously.)

9 The damaged ship was being towed into harbour when the towline broke.

10 Have a lift put in and then you won't have to climb up all these stairs.

11 Last year a profit of two million pounds was made in the first six months but this was cancelled by a loss of seventeen million pounds which was made in the second six months.

12 Evening dress will be worn.

13 The ship was put into quarantine and passengers and crew were forbidden to land.

14 Someone will have to be found to take her place.

15 He was made to surrender his passport.

16 This rumour must have been started by our opponents.

17 My paintings are to be exhibited for the first time by New Arts Gallery.

18 This scientific theory has now been proved to be false.

19 The car which was blown over the cliff yesterday is to be salvaged today.

20 The house where the dead man was found is being guarded by the police to prevent it from being entered and the evidence interfered with.

21 Why wasn't the car either locked or put into the garage?

22 It is being said that too little money is being spent by the government on roads.

23 Your money could be put to good use instead of being left idle in the bank.

24 For a long time the earth was believed to be flat.

25 This copy hasn't been read. The pages haven't been cut.

26 The stones were thrown by a student, who was afterwards led away by the police.

27 Carrier pigeons are said to have been used by early Egyptian and Greek sailors.

28 The referee was being escorted from the football field by a strong police guard.


1 I why don't you get an oculist to test your eyes?
2 the authorities are to introduce this. . . limit
3 they are lengthening the runways
4 nurses are wakening patients
5 people say that B. lived
6 British fishermen must offer any sturgeon that they catch to the Queen
7 someone has altered this notice
8 squatters have been using their houseboat
9 they were towing the. 10 get a builder to put in a lift

11 The firm made a profit. . . but a loss of . . . which they made. . . cancelled this

12 guests will wear evening dress

13 the authorities put the ship. . . and forbade passengers and crew

14 we shall have to find someone

15 They made him surrender his passport

16 our opponents must have started

17 the New Arts Gallery is to exhibit my paintings

18 experts have proved that this scientific theory is false

19 they are to salvage the car  which the wind blew

20 police are guarding the house where they found the dead man to prevent anyone from entering it and
interfering with the evidence

21 why didn't you either lock the car or put it

22 people are saying that the government is spending too little money

23 you could put your money to good use instead of leaving it idle

24 people believed that the earth was flat

25 no one has read this copy: no one has cut the pages

26 the police led away the student who threw the stones

27 people say that early Egyptian and Greek sailors used carrier pigeons

28 a strong police guard was escorting the referee


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