In spite, despite, although, though, even though

Neither (of)

In spite, despite, although, though, even though все они служат для выражения удивления и неожиданности. Но существует отличие although, though and even though это союзы, а despite и in spite of - предлоги и используют их для противопоставления двух действий или ситуаций.
in spite of + местоимение (this, what, that) или -ing, + существительное (noun) хотя, несмотря на, вопреки

  • She left her job in spite of good salary. — Она уволилась с работы, несмотря на хорошую зарплату.
  • We stayed home in spite of good weather. — Мы остались дома, несмотря на хорошую погоду.

although + предложение (clause) хотя, если бы даже; несмотря на то, что. Употребляется вначале предложения или посередине, начиная придаточное предложение.

  • Although he is a good man, I avoid comunicating with him. — Хотя он хороший человек, я избегаю с ним общаться.
  • I couldn't watch TV although an interesting film was on. — Я не мог смотреть телевизор, хотя шел интересный фильм.

despite + местоимение (that, this, what) или -ing, существительное (noun) вопреки чему-либо, несмотря на.

  • Despite she is a good student, I don't trust her.
  • We went to the forest despite the rain .

though + предложение (clause) хотя, несмотря на. В основном употребляется в середине предложения, а в разговорном в конце

  • The film wasn't very interesting, I liked the acting of the film star though. — Хотя он хороший человек, я избегаю с ним общаться
  • I couldn't woodcarver the sculpture of a bear though I had all necessary tools. — Я не cмог вырезать по дереву скульптуру медведя, хотя у меня были все необходимые инструменты.

even though + предложение (clause) если бы даже;


  • Even though Mike loved Kerry he avoids talking to her .
  • The husband was sleeping deeply even though there was the traffic noise.



1) ______________Marry was pretty, no one hated her.
2) The husband was sleeping deeply ___________the traffic noise.
3) ___________earning little, Marcus tried his best to help his sister.
4) Alex seldom saw Kerry_________________they lived in the neighbourhood.
5) Marcus and Kerry did not scratch through examinations_________________working very hard.
6) _________________Kerry and Marcus were very thirsty, they couldn't drink.
7) _________________the difficulty, Kerry was able to find time to learn the poems.
8) Mike avoids talking to Kerry_________________he loved her.
9) _________________it was warm, Mike didn't feel like taking off his coat.
10) Kerry and Marcus did the house chore_________________being ill.
11) _________________the weather is rainy, we are having a good time.
12) _________________all his hard workout, he lost his fight at his competition.
13) _________________they have planned all details carefully, none of which went right.
14) Kerry and Marcus aren't going to the doctor of their _________________ they are having terrible headaches and cold.
15) Marissa went on working at project _________________she didn't feel like doing it.
16) Marcus didn't accepted the offer_________________the very high salary.
17) Kerry and Marcus refused to work the evening shift_________________the double payment.
18) Marissa was able to fall asleep_________________the music was playing loudly.
19) I had to go to sleep_________________the noise.
20) Marissa runs very fast_________________being in her bad side of sixty.

1-Although, 2-in spite of, 3-in spite of, 4-although, 5-in spite of, 6-although, 7-in spite of, 8-even though, 9-although, 10-in spite of, 11-although, 12-in spite of,  13-even though, 14-even though, 15-despite, 16-although, 17-despite, 18-even though, 19-despite, 20-in spite of.

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