Adjective + preposition (2)


A. Adjective + of (1)

afraid/frightened/terrified/scared OF ...:
— 'Are you afraid of dogs?' 'Yes, I'm terrified of them.'
fond/proud/ashamed/jealous/envious OF ....:
— Why are you always so jealous of other people?
suspicious/critical/tolerant OF ...:
— He didn't trust me. He was suspicious of my intentions.

B. Adjective + of (2)
aware/conscious OF ...
 — 'Did you know he was married?' 'No, I wasn't aware of that.'
capable/incapable OF ...
— I'm sure you are capable of passing the examination.
full OF./short OF ...
— The letter I wrote was full of mistakes. (not 'full with')
— I'm a bit short of money. Can you lend me some?
typical OF ...
— He's late again. It's typical of him to keep everybody waiting.
tired OF ...:
— Come on, let's go! I'm tired of waiting. (= I've had enough of waiting)
certain/sure OF or ABOUT ...:
— I think she's arriving this evening but I'm not sure of that. (or . sure about that.)

C. Adjective+ at/ to/ from/ in/ on/with /for
good/bad/excellent/brilliant/hopeless (etc.) AT ...:
— I'm not very good at repairing things. (not 'good in repairing things')
married/engaged TO ...:
— Linda is married to an American. (not 'married with')
but — Linda is married with three children. she is married and has three children)
similar TO ...:
— Your writing is similar to mine.
different FROM (or TO) ...:
— The film was different from what I'd expected. (or ... different to what I'd expected.)

interested IN ...:
— Are you interested in art?

keen ON ...:
— We stayed at home because Cathy wasn't very keen on going out.


dependent ON ... (but 'independent OF ...'):
— I don't want to be dependent on anybody.

crowded WITH (people etc.):
— The city centre was crowded with tourists. (but 'full of tourists')

famous FOR ...:
— The Italian city of Florence is famous for its art treasures.

responsible FOR ...:
— Who was responsible for all that noise last night?
1 Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first one.
1. There were lots of tourists in the city centre. The city centre was crowded _with tourists._
2. There was a lot of furniture in the room. The room was full ---.
3. I don't like sport very much. I'm not very keen ---.
4. We haven't got enough time. We're a bit short ---.
5. I'm not a very good tennis player. I'm not very good ---.
6. Catherine's husband is Russian. Catherine is married ---.
7. I don't trust Robert. I'm suspicious ---.
8. My problem is not the same as yours. My problem is different ---.
2 Complete the sentences with one of the following adjectives + the correct preposition:
afraid different interested proud responsible similar sure
1. I think she's arriving this evening but I'm not _sure of_ that.
2. Your camera is --- mine but it isn't exactly the same.
3. Don't worry. I'll look after you. There's nothing to be ---.
4. 'Do you want to watch the news on television?' 'No, I'm not --- the news.'
5. The editor is the person who is --- what appears in a newspaper.
6. Mrs Davis is a very keen gardener. She's very --- her garden and loves showing it to visitors.
7. I was surprised when I met her for the first time. She was --- what I expected.
3 Put in the correct preposition.
1. The letter I wrote was full _of_ mistakes.
2. My home town is not especially interesting. It's not famous --- anything.
3. Kate is very fond --- her younger brother.
4. I don't like going up ladders. I'm afraid --- heights.
5. You look bored. You don't seem 'interested --- what I'm saying.
6. Did you know that Liz is engaged --- a friend of mine?
7. I'm not ashamed --- what I did. In fact I'm quite proud --- it.
8. I suggested we should all go out for a meal but nobody else was keen --- the idea.
9. These days everybody is aware --- the dangers of smoking.
10. The station platform was crowded --- people waiting for the train.
11. She's much more successful than I am. Sometimes I feel a bit jealous --- her.
12. I'm tired --- doing the same thing every day. I need a change.
13. Do you know anyone who might be interested --- buying an old car?
14. We've got plenty to eat. The fridge is full --- food.
15. She is a very honest person. I don't think she is capable --- telling a lie.
16. I'm not surprised she changed her mind at the last moment. That's typical --- her.
17. Our house is similar --- yours. Perhaps yours is a bit larger.
18. John has no money of his own. He's totally dependent --- his parents.
130.4 Write sentences about yourself. Are you good at these things or not? Use:
brilliant very good quite good not very good hopeless
1. (repairing things) _I'm not very good at repairing things._
2. (telling jokes) ---.
3. (mathematics) ---.
4. (remembering names) ---.


UNIT 130
2 of furniture
3 on fport
4 of time
5 at tennis
6 to a Russian (man)
7 of Robert
8 from yours/to yours
2 similar to
3 afraid of
4 interested in
5 responsible for
6 proud of
7 different from/different to
2 for
3 of
4 of
5 in
6 to
7 of ... of
8 on
9 of
10 with
11 of
12 of
13 in
14 of
15 of
16 of
17 to 18 on
Example answers:
2 I'm hopless at telling jokes
3 I'm not very good at mathematics.
4 I'm quite good at remembering names.

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