Phrasal verb break. Exercises.

Past Simple
√ Break away - to leave something.
√ Break down - to become very upset.
√ Break into - to enter a building by force.
√ Break off - to break a piece from something.
√ Break out of - to escape from somewhere.
√ Break through - to pass through a barrier.
√ Break up - to finish a romantic relationship with someone.

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Phrasal Verbs with Break

Break away (run away, get loose or escape)
The boy tried to break away but his mother snatched his shirt.
The horse has broken away from its stable.
The cyclist broke away from the pack.

Break down (fail, collapse, go out of working order, give into tears)
She broke down during the speech. (= She collapsed.)
We couldn’t reach in time because the car broke down. (= The car stopped working.)
The vacuum cleaner has broken down.

Break in (train, enter forcibly, interrupt)
We need a trainer to break in our pony. (= We need a person to train our pony.)
The thieves broke in through the back door.
The robbers who were trying to break in were caught by the owner of the shop.

Break into (enter by force)
The burglars broke into the shop and looted it.

Break off (stop suddenly)
John Bright broke off in the middle of his speech. (= He stopped suddenly.)

Break out (start abruptly, appear suddenly)
Cholera has broken out in the city.
Panic broke out as soon as the news of the explosion arrived.

Break open (open by force)
As no one opened the door, we decided to break it open.

Break through (make a way through, overcome obstacles)
His will power helped him break through all obstacles. (= He succeeded in overcoming all obstacles.)

Break up (come to an end, disperse)
The conference broke up at 10 pm. (= The conference came to an end at 10 pm.)
The police broke up the crowd. (=The police dispersed the crowd.)

Break upon (come upon suddenly)
The police broke upon the robbers and arrested them.

Break with (quarrel with, separate)
I don’t want to break with him for your sake.
Break into (enter a field of activity)
He broke into blogging at an early age.

Break off (separate or become separated, stop suddenly)
We started together but she broke off in the middle.

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