Reported speech.

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Reported speech.


Affirmative sentence with say / tell.
Interrogative sentences


Affirmative sentence
Positive sentence in reported speech consist of principal part and subordinate one. When we use reported speech it turns into complex sentence. The words of the author (I said / told) get principal part, and indirect speech transforms into extra subordinate sentence with that.

The Following changes take place
today - that day
tomorrow-the next day, the following day, the day after
yesterday-the day before, the previous day
next week-the following week
last week-the previous week
ago-before, previously


Affirmative sentence with say / tell.


Affirmative sentence introduced by say / tell


Say is used in direct and indirect speech:
When there is no person mentioned


Teacher said, "The fire broke out yesterday"-
Teacher said that the fire broke out the previous day.


The verb Tell is used without to only in indirect speech when there is a reference to a person  

Igor said, " Max, I'll do it tomorrow"

Igor told Max that he would do it the next day.


To introduce indirect speech we also can use the words such as:






reply-говорить в ответ 


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 Interrogative sentences


General question in reported speech. If/whether


Main sentence+ If/whether + word order of affirmative sentence


Do you really want to hurt me? - she asked.

She asked if he really wanted to hurt her.


Alternative question.


general question + (alternative) OR 

Do you or does she really want to hurt me? - she asked.

She aked if I or she really wanted to hurt her.

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Специальный вопрос. Special question


Главное предложение

Main sentanse +



How much
How many
Who... with

+порядок слов утвердительного предложения

"Where have you been" - my mother asked.
My mother asked where I had been.

 He siad:" Who did you go with"
He asked who I had gone with.

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