Keep away, Keep back, Keep from, Keep off, keep on, keep in

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√ Keep away
√ Keep back
√ keep on

√ keep something from

√ Keep out

√ Keep up


Keep away
Keep away (from) - не находиться вблизи, держаться на расстоянии (в отдалении).
"Keep away from my car," a man said to the boys.

Keep back

1. Держаться сзади, в отдалении, в стороне stay back
It's fire. Keep back! Не подходить, огонь!

2. скрывать, удерживать, задерживать.: They don't keep back anything from you.

Keep from

Keep from doing something/from something - воздерживаться от, удерживаться: We were not able to keep from laughing.

Keep someone from doing something/someone from something: препятствовать, мешать.

Helen! Stop keeping me from writing a letter.

keep smth from smb- Сохранить в секрете от кого-либо: We kept our relationship from our parents for two years.

Keep off
Keep off - удерживать кого-либо от чего-то на расстоянии. He was able to keep these flies off the salad.

Keep on
keep on doing smth - продолжать делать Keep on stirring until the liquid comes to a boil.

Keep in
keep smb in - удержать кого - либо в больнице. She was kept in overnight for observation.

Keep out
Keep smb/smth out
 - Помешать кому- либо войти: Try to keep the wet dog out of the living room.

Keep up
keep smth up - Придерживаться того же уровня If you keep those results up you will get into a great college.

keep up with - держаться на уровне: My wife has to walk fast to keep up with me.

 Knock down
1. Knock down - сбивать с ног, сваливать, knock over: We were knock down by bikers. 
2. разрушать, ломать, demolish, pull down: They are going to knock down their old house..

Knock off

 1. сшибать, сбивать. I aimed and knocked off the stone with my stick.
2. разговор. прекращать, бросать (работу), My wife knocked off her job.

Knock out

нокаутировать: He knocked out his opponents.


Victor pretended not to hear, and kept on listening to music. The authority has tried to keep this accident from the public. She was kept in overnight for observation. How are you going to keep the wasps off these buns? They kept our collaboration from our partners for three months.  I was kept in the hospital for 2 hours while my blood from the nose stopped bleeding. My wife has to walk fast to keep up with me. 

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