Go ahead, go away, go round, go about, down

Курсы изучения разговорного английского языка

√ Go ahead,
√ go away,
√ go round,
√ go about,
√ go down

go ahead двигаться вперед; продолжать to proceed, lead the way, continue
Go ahead! (вперед)

go (a)round/go about гулять, ходить to wander, to walk about They went about Moscow.
We’d like to go (a)round Africa myself.


go away уходить, уезжать to leave I want to be alone now. Just go away.


go back возвращаться to return
We had better go back to the house. It’s beginning to rain.


go by руководствоваться чем-л.; судить по чему-л. to be guided by
They tried to go by regulations as far as they could.


go down
1. покидать, уезжать (из грода в деревню, из столицы за город,) to go to the capital or town from the country (to a stay regarded as less important)
I believe he’s going down to Exeter for the weekend.


2. падать, снижаться (о ценах), утихать (о ветре) to become less, to be reduced (of wind, weight, price, etc.)
During his sickness his weight became going down from 60 kilos to 50.
The wind is doing down and the sea is becaming calm.


go in for увлекаться, заниматься чем-либо., to be especially interested in; to practise, to enter (for a competition)
They play a lot of football and go in for all the annual competitions.
These restaurants go in for fish dishes. (specializes in them)


go off
1. уезжать; убегать, сбегать, уходить, to leave His brothers have gone off to University.
Nick and Mike have gone off with our friends.
2. звонить (о будильнике, сигнализации и т. п.) to ring (alarm) Every morning Jane’s alarm goes off in time for her to go to early Mass.
3. взорваться, выстрелить to explode, to fire
As they were cleaning the machine guns one of them went off and killed John.
4. разг. разлюбить (что-либо.), терять интерес (к чему-л.),lose interest in them or to stop liking somebody/something
We used to eat a lot of meat but We’ve gone off it a bit lately,


go on
1. продолжать; идти дальше to continue any action, to continue a journey
He went on fighting even after I told him to stop.
Go on with our project.
Don’t wait for me. We’are not quite ready. Go on and you’ll catch her up.


2. происходить, случаться to happen, to take place
Something strange was going on and I wanted to know what it was.


3. (at) бранить кого-либо, набрасываться (на кого-либо); go out приставать с просьбами to criticize, say repeatedly
Our previous French teachers were very difficult to please. Every time John saw them he went on at them about sth or other.
I went on at my father to have safety belts fitted.


4. включаться, загораться (о свете) to begin operating The light goes on automatically.


go out
1. выходить (из помещения) to leave a room, building, or other place
Why doesn’t Jane go out into the garden?


2. бывать в обществе, ходить на концерты, в театры to join in social life, leave one’s house for entertainments, etc.
These girls are very pretty and go out a lot.


3. погаснуть to stop burning (of a fire, a light, etc.); go off The lights went out (off).


go over
1. пойти, сходить, сбегать (куда-либо.) to visit somebody for a short time; go round
He is just going over to their office for a hour or so.


2. просматривать (что-либо.), изучать в деталях to check something or examine carefully
She went over her project before she handed it in.


go (a)round зайти (забежать) к кому-л. to visit sb for a short time; go over
I’ll go round and see Nell later.


go through

1. изучать в деталях; просматривать (что-л.); check sth carefully; to examine or go over

He went through Guy’s books to find something about Poland.


2. испытывать, переживать to suffer, to endure
During the war we went through a gTeat deal of hardships.


3. проделать, исполнить to perform, to accomplish He went through a lot of work last time.
It took him no time to go through the customs.


go up
1. (to) приближаться, подходить to approach He went up to them and asked them something.


2. ездить в столицу с периферии, из деревни в город to go to the capital, to town from the country
They used to go up to capital every three days.


3. расти (о ценах), подниматься, to rise, increase
The prices of sugar and bread will go up ten % at the end of every year.


go with соответствовать, гармонировать to match, to suit Our handbags should go with our shoes and gloves .
1. Translate the sentences. Fill in the correct particle(s).
1.The alarm goes ... every morning at 19 o’clock.
2. The price of second-class carriage has gone... again.
3. The fire has gone.... Would you like me to light it again?
4. What’s going ... there? There’s a huge crowd.
5.Go... the project very carefully before she signs it.
6. Although she had a headache, she went ... playing with her son.
7. Lots of people go......the cooking competition every year.
8. A meteorite went... in near the town centre last Month. Fortunately, no a person was seriously injured.
9. She went... difficult time last winter when she lost her job.
10. The mother went... his homework to check for mistakes.
11. Jane and Victor seem to be going... Paul.
12. You go... and I’ll follow.
13. They don’t want to go ... to their husbands.
14. The oil price is going ... .
15. Oil is going ... in price.
16. These are perfect rules to go ....
17. When is she going ... to Scotland?
18. She went... to get a drink.
19. They are becoming more and more talkative as their evening party went....
20. Can we go ...to Ann’s today?
21. She always goes......her children for one thing or another.
22. She always starts her days by going... her mail.
23. They’ve gone ... to Lodon for three days.
24. He goes ... drinking most evenings.
25. Things can’t go ... as they are. Something has to change.
26. Manfred rang up and asked me to go ... to see him.
27. I could go... the house as freely as I liked.
28. He went... without saying a word.
29. They are forever indoors; they don’t go ... much.
30. He went ... the project again and discovered five very serious mistakes.
31. There are some mistakes somewhere: you’ll have to go ... the accounts and see where they are.
32. Do you go......sailing? 33. S-sh! There’s a meeting going... next door.
34. The machine gun went... by accident. 35. She goes......him continually.
36. Does this jacket go... this skirt?
37. Many Irish people went... to America during the holiday.
38. She doesn’t go......team games.
39. Those are good regulations to go ....
40. Of course she wants to go ... some day — it’s her town, her real home.
41. I’ll go... and tell him she’s on the way.
42. I went... to the post office.
43. I’m going... to my sister’s.
44. She went... to think about it.
45. I went... to the kitchen and poured my coffee.
46. It started to rain but I had not the strength to go... for an umbrella.
47. I thought of going...... teaching.
48. She went ... to look at the flowers.
49. When I asked what was going ..., she refused to say anything.
50. She got up and went... to her sister's handbag, opened it, and took out an envelope.
51. Cigarettes are going... in price.
52. Tom and Victor have been going ... with Jane and Jill for six weeks.
53. The lights went.... 54. How long have Jim and Jane gone......car-collecting?
55. Let’s go... the arguments again.
56. Certain regulations have to be gone ... before you can emigrate.
57. They’re amazingly cheerful considering all they’re had to go....
58. Go ... and think about it, then let us know.
59. I’m going ... on business.
60. They hesitated for a second and then went....
61. I think she’s going... him a bit.
62. Have you a light? Our cigarettes have gone ....
63. Let’s go... this scene again until you’re sure you know it.
64. She’s been going......me for two years to buy her mother a new flat.
65. Let’s go ... the structures we studied last week.
66. We’re going... for a meal. Do you want to come?
67. The light only goes... at night.
2. Translate into English.
1. Можно мне позвонить по вашему телефону? —Пожалуйста.
2. Он уехал в другой город. 3. Цены упали. 4. Ветер стих. 5. Он занимается (увлекается) спортом. 6. Свет погас. 7. По мере того, как шло время, он становился все более нетерпеливым. 8. Свет зажегся. 9. Надеюсь, дождь не будет идти весь день.10. Продолжайте работать. 11. Давай ненадолго выйдем. 12. Мы сегодня пойдем развлекаться. 13. Вчера мой брат зашел навестить меня. 14. Температура поднимается. 15. Я потратила два дня на то, чтобы погулять повсюду и осмотреть достопримечательности и музеи. 16. Теперь пошли домой. 17. У него падает температура. 18. Яйца становятся дешевле. 19. Я уезжаю в деревню. 20. Какое у вас хобби? 21. В какие спортивные игры вы играете? 22. Они удрали. 23. Я бросил пить кофе. (Я разлюбил кофе.) 24. Я остыла к своему дружку (поклоннику). 25. Продолжайте, я слушаю. 26. Война шла (продолжалась, длилась) до 1945 года. 27. Что здесь происходит? 28. Идет свадьба. 29. Она вышла пройтись (погулять). 30. Мы очень редко здесь бываем. 31. Я как раз иду на минутку в его кабинет. 32. Роберт занимается плаванием и, кажется, делает успехи. 33. Прежде чем сдать экзаменационную работу, просмотрите ее еше раз. 34. Бомба взорвалась на оживленной улице. 35. Она меня без конца пилит (ругает). 36. Ей пришлось многое пережить в связи с болезнью сына. 37. Туфли очень красивые, но сумка должна соответствовать им. 38. Он никогда не говорил мне, что происходило в школе.

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