Account for, account for, allow for phrasal verbs

allow for, attend to

  account for объяснять to give an explanation of sth
Howard and Nick have had an argument in a most extraordinary way;
They can’t account for her partnership at all/They can’t accountt for little boy behaving like that
allow for учитывать; принимать во внимание; предусматривать; делать поправку на (что-л.); to include sb/sth when calculating something
It took them about one day to get there, allowing for trafflic jams.
All these details should be allowed for.

answer back
1. огрызаться; грубить (в ответ на замечание); дерзить, to speak rudely to sb in authority, especially when' someone is criticizing sombody else or telling someone to do sth
Don’t answer back!
You can't answer your father back like that.
2. не давать спуску, ответить; ударом на удар; to defend oneself against criticism
We were given the chance to answer back in a TV show.

ask after осведомляться to say that one would like to know how someone is, what one is doing, etc.
We always ask after her in our letters.
(амер.) Ask around расспрашивать to speak to some different people to try and get some information
They don’t know of anything about him but We’ll ask around.

ask for спрашивать, хотеть видеть (кого-л.) to say that one wants to speak to somebody or be directed to a place. As soon as you arrive, ask for Jake.

asк in приглашать кого-либо. пройти (войти) в дом и /и. п. to Invite sb to enter the house M rs Sutton asked me in.ask out приглашать (куда-л.) to invite a person to go out with someone, especially when someone wants to start a romantic relationship Jane’s too shy to ask him out.

ask over/round приглашать в гости to invite somebody to come and visit one
What if Nick and Mike ask her over for the morning?
They’ll ask Roger Pumpkin round for a milk.

attend to следить (за кем-либо, чем-либо); заботиться (чём-либо, о ком-либо); to deal with something/somebody; to take care of sb/sth; see to
They have some important problem to attend to.
Are they being attended to, Liz?

1. Fill in the correct particle(s). Translate the sentences.
I. She asked me ... on Tuesday,’ said the bookkeeper. 2. He rang the office and asked ... Cynthia. 3. The vicar went across the hall to ask Mrs Daniels.... 4. She asked... but no one seemed to see when the little boy had gone. 5. She asked... my father. 6. Call the office and ask... my secretary. 7. They didn’t ask her ...; they kept her standing at the door while she was reading the letter. 8. Helen and her sister had a lot of relatives and were usually asked ... at the weekends, so they rarely spent weekends at home. 9.We hoped he could ask me... to his house. 10. She asked... his health.
II. Onece she asked me ... to inspect the house. 12. A nurse attended ... his needs constantly. 13. If she does not attend... the problems, they will certainly grow. 14. If you are self-employed, allow ... tax and national insurance. 15. How do you account... the show’s succes. 16. What did she do with a pupil who answers...?
1. after 2. after 3. in 4. around 5. for 6. for 7. in 8. out 9. around 10. after 11. in 12. to 13. to 14. for 15. for 16. back

2. Translate into English.
1. Когда будешь писать, не забудь справиться (узнать) о ее здоровье. 2. Они никогда не приглашают меня к себе. 3. Он cnpосил меня, можно ли увидеть декана. 4. Кто-нибудь спрашивал меня? 5. Он пригласил меня пообедать в ресторане. 6. Я не знаю, но поспрашивайте (прохожих), кто-нибудь должен знать 7. Наши соседи пригласили нас в гости. 8. Дурной характер часто объясняется возрастом. 9. Я не могу объяснить его noведения. 10. Он не находил объяснения своей нелепой ошибки. 11. С учетом дорожных пробок (заторов) путь до Центра зaймет тридцать минут. 12. Если они уйдут, кто присмотрит за нашими детьми? — Все будет устроено, не беспокойтесь. 13. Нам нужно заниматься двумя срочными делами.

I. When you write, do not forget to ask after her health. 2. They never asked me over to her. 3. He asked me if you could see the dean. 4. Did anyone ask me for? 5. He asked me out to dine at the restaurant. 6. I do not know, but ask around (passers-by), someone should know. 7. Our neighbors asked us round. 8. Ill character often accounts for age. 9. I cannot account for his behavior. 10. He could not account for his absurd mistakes.11. It will take us 30 minutes to get to the centre of the city allowing for traffic jam. 12. If they leave, who will attend to our children? - Everything will be all right, do not worry.13. We have attend to two urgent matters.

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