In the end or at the end, In time or on time

In the end/at the end, In time/on time
vI. In time vs On time.
v In the end/At the end

I In time (to do something/for something) = почти в точное время ± 5-7 мин, 
Will she come home in time for lunch- (= вовремя (почти в точное время +/- 5-7 мин), for lunch)

    -    She's sent Jane her wedding present. She hopes it'll arrive in time (вовремя for her wedding).
    -   We must hurry. We want to get to the theatre in time to see the the new film.(=вовремя to see the the new film)

In time - too late:

    -   My sister and her friend got to the theatre too late to see the new film.

We say just in time (=почти вовремя):

    -   Mike and his wife arrived at the airport just in time to check-in.
    -   Our children ran across the garden in front of the pond, but Alex managed to stop them just in time.

On time
=exactly time has been planed, punctual, not late. If smth happened on time, it happened at the time which had been planned:

    -    The 12.30 plain took off on time. (=it took off at 12.30)
    -   My brothers will meet their sister at 6.45.' 'OK, but please tell them to be on time.' (= be there at 6.45, don't be late, )
    -   The talks were very well organised. Everything started and was over on time.

On time - late:

    -    Don't be late. Be on time.

II. In the end
of smth( в результате, конечном итоге, )/At the end (в конце чего-то, в конце месяца, в конце улицы)
In the end =в результате, в конечном итоге, finally
It is used to show the final result(s) of any situation:

    -    My father used to have a lot of problems with his motorbike. In the end he sold one and bought a new one. (= finally he sold motorbike)
    -   My mum was getting fatter and fatter. In the end she just started to follow a diate.
    -   Jane couldn't make up her mind where and when to go for her holidays. In the end she went nowhere.

At first - In the end:

    -   At first they didn't want to be friends, but in the end they became true friends.


At the end ( в конце чего-то of smth) For example:
at the end of the year- в конце года/month - месяца,
at the end of December - в конце декабря,
at the end of the film - в конце фильма,
at the end of the match - в конце матча,
at the end of the concert - в конце концерта,
at the end of the course - в конце курса

    -   She's coming at the end of July (в конце Июля)/at the end of the week - в конце недели.
    -   At the end of the plays, The audiance burst into great applause.
    -   All the partisipants shook hands at the end of the talks. It's impossible to say 'in the end of smth' or 'in the end of July' or 'in the end of the film'.

At the beginning - at the end :

at the beginning of July, at the beginning of the term.

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