Перифраз предложений используя новую лексику.

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Перифраз предложений, используя новую лексику.
1. At the beginning of June I got to my granny's.
2. I never noticed the village like that could smother in roses. (Перефраз предложений используя новую лексику.)
3. I’d like to stay here for more than a week.
4. The whole day I wandered through the forest.
5. It’s like in a fairy-tale with all flavors, view and sounds touching me deeply. (Перефраз предложений используя новую лексику.)

6. In the village my neighbors would talk over the village affairs.
7. It was about eight o’clock when we got to the village and made ourselves comfortable at my granny’s. (Перефраз предложений используя новую лексику.)
8. We wandered over the countryside for more than three hours.
9. I have never understood the people who are fond of talking over other people affairs.
10. Aren’t you ashamed of talking over your mother’s affairs? (Перефраз предложений используя новую лексику.)
11. My granny would make a ball of wool thread in the evenings.
12. The path came through the forest in a twisted shape.
13. I believe he is finishing his report. (Перефраз предложений используя новую лексику.)
14. He fell in love with her and as a result she uses him as she wants.
15. Has your sister taken off the skin of the potatoes?
16. Look! The skin of your face is coming off.
17. I removed the skin of the vegetables.
18. She has been cleaning the door before painting again. (Перефраз предложений используя новую лексику.)
19. The girl has fallen and damaged her knee.
20. He rubbed roughly against the wall.
21. They passed examinations with difficulties.
22. He got money only for food.
23. We are putting money together.
24. He stood the chair firmly and sat on it. (Перефраз предложений используя новую лексику.)
25. He leads a regular life.
26. It rains regularly.
27. The weather became calm.
28. My room is dirty.
29. He made his work badly. (Перефраз предложений используя новую лексику.)
30. They’ll get into trouble if they are not more careful.
31. The glass can be break if pour into it boiling water.
32. Her rifle made a loud noise and a bear fell dead.
33. I don’t like when I’m made a rough joke.
34. The wall of the canteen covered with lines.
35. Good health gives to a person’s success in work.
36. Can you give an article to our local newspaper. (Перефраз предложений используя новую лексику.)

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