Introduction to logistics.

Make a list of all the different areas of logistics you can think of by completing the diagram below




Five people give their definition of logistics. Complete the sentences using the words from

the box.

provide storage support distribution delivery maintenance

1          Logistics means that you manage the procurement and movement of goods and the   ___________________    of inventory.

2         It means the ___________________ of the goods the customer needs at the right time, in the right place, and of the right quality.

3         My definition of logistics is this: it’s to plan, organize, and manage operations that ___________________ services and goods.

4         Logistics - that’s the purchasing, maintenance, ________________________ , and replacement of

material and staff.

5         Logistics is the planning and ______________________ of operations such as warehousing, inventory, transport, procurement, supply, and _______________________ .


Listen to the recording and check your answers. 

2 Complete the following table using the words from exercise 1.


  Verb Noun
1 to provide  
2   storage
3 to support  
4   delivery
5   distribution
6 to maintain  
7   transportation
8   purchasing

3  Now complete the sentences with the correct form of the words from the table.


1    In my job I oversee the_____________________ of vehicles and machinery.

2     Do they also____________________ parcels and packages on Sundays?

3    Goods are normally bought in the______________________ department.

4    We___________________ a 24-hour delivery service.

5    This company only_____________________ goods by road.

6    We___________________ all our goods in the warehouse.


Match the definitions (a-f) with the words (1-6) below.


1 carrier
2 freight forwarder
3 supplier
4 haulage contractor/haulier
5 courier
6 consignee


a company which carries goods by road
b person or firm named in a freight contract to whom goods have been shipped or turned over for care
с company that specializes in the speedy and secure delivery of small goods and packages
d company that transports or conveys goods
e company which supplies parts or services to another company; also called vendor
f person or business that arranges documentation and travel facilities for companies dispatching goods to customers

5 Listen to three people describing their jobs in logistics: a warehouse manager, a freight forwarder, and a shipping operations manager. Match each job to the correct person.




1______________      2______________         3______________




Now listen again and complete the sentences.


Person 1


1 My job is to the transport of goods either by sea, air, road, or rail.
2 An important part of the job is ________ with customer requests about the most suitable mode of transport.
3 My responsibilities also include ________ good shipping rates with shipping lines and transport companies.
4 I ________ customs clearance on behalf of my clients.


Person 2


5 In my job I have to ________ that the cargo is not damaged onboard the ship or while loading or unloading.
6 I ________ customers on shipping rates and prepare quotations for our sales office.


Person з


7 Another part of my job is to ________ with departments such as transport and production.
8 Apart from that, I ________ that vehicles, machines, and any other kind of equipment are maintained to a high level.


7 Match the verbs (i-8) with the activities (a-h) to make phrases from the recordings. Then listen again to check if necessary. 


1 book
2 consolidate
3 deal
4 keep
5 make
6 use
7 check
8 take care


a    a number of shipments under one bill of lading
b    booking reservations
с    that health and safety standards are maintained
d    modern computer systems
e    space on a ship, train, lorry, or plane
f    where to put them in the warehouse
g   an eye on the budget
h   with all the necessary documentation


8 Work with a partner to describe two different jobs. The phrases in the box will help you.



UNIT 1 Exercise 8  

8 Work with a partner to describe two different jobs. The phrases in the box will help you.





What do you do?
What’s your line of work?
What does your job involve?


Describing jobs
I work for a major shipping company.
I work in the regional depot.


Describing responsibilities
I’m responsible for...
In my job I have to ...

My job involves...


You work for or at a company.
You work in an area or a department.
You are responsible for or in charge of something.


Here are some useful verbs for describing key job responsibilities:


to advise to oversee
to prepare to provide or supply
to train to ensure
to manage to review
to estimate to liaise with
to monitor to organize
to advise to oversee

 File 01


Partner A


Job specification for position as store supervisor


•   Responsible for store and inventory.


•   Make purchase requests for all stocked items that are at minimum.


•   Receive and process incoming orders.


•   Ensure materials received are in good condition.


•   Inform customers of collection or delivery dates.


•  Check invoices against orders.



9 Replace the underlined verbs with words from the box that have the same meaning.


provide • train • organize • ensure • inform about • check


1 We supply software for the car industry.
2 I often advise clients on the most suitable transport method.
3 In mv iob I have to make sure that passengers arrive on schedule.
4 Mv iob is to supervise incoming goods.
5 I also plan the transport of goods.
6 I instruct staff.


10 Complete the form with your own job details. Use complete sentences and expressions from this unit.


Job profile: __________
Company: _I work for_
Job title: __________
Main responsibilities: __________
3-5 key activities: __________




When talking about general facts and describing what we normally do, we use the present simple. It is often used with words that say

how often something happens, e.g. usually, often, always, sometimes, every, etc. We use the verb do to make questions and negative



I work for an international logistics company.
He usually spends a lot of time with his customers.
Do you ship goods to Asia?
He doesn’t work in the European office.


11 Put the words in the right order. Use the correct form of the verb.





 1          an excellent / provide / delivery service / my company.


2          you / how much / handle / cargo / per year ?


3          to other countries / not ship / we / chemical products


4          responsible for / be / the warehouse manager / also / vehicles and machinery.


5          to foreign companies / car parts / this vendor / supply ?


6          usually / arrange / for companies / a freight forwarder / documentation.

12 Work with a partner. Follow the steps below to practise this dialogue.


A     Ask В what he/she does.
В     Respond. Tell A where you work.
A     Ask В to give you some details about the job.
В     Tell A about your main job activities. Then ask A about his/her job.
A     Respond. Describe your job activities.



13 Complete the crossword puzzle with words from this unit.








4 Another word for freight. 
5 What you store in the warehouse. 
6 Work closely together with somebody.





1 Another word for organize. 
2 To give information about the price.
3 Another word for supervise.
5 Send goods.


Read this article and answer the questions.




Over to You.


1  Do you know any other countries with considerable export growth rates?

2   How does logistics play an important role in a country’s economy?

3 What do you know about the logistics industry in your country?





page 5

Suggested answers
purchasing, procurement, transportation, maintenance, distribution, inventory management, stock control, storage, freight forwarding
1 storage
2 delivery
3 provide
4 distribution
5 support, maintenance


page 6 


1 provision
2 to store
3 support
4 to deliver
5 to distribute
6 maintenance
7 to transport
8 to purchase


1 maintenance
2 deliver
3 purchasing
4 provide
5 transports
6 store


1d, 2f, 3е, 4a, 5c, 6b,


page 7
1 freight forwarder
2 shipping operations manager
3 warehouse manager
1 organize
2 dealing
3 negotiating
4 arrange
5 make sure
6 advise
7 liaise
8 ensure


page 9
1 provide
2 inform about
3 ensure
4 check
5 organize
6 train


page 10
1 My company provides an excellent delivery service.
2 How much cargo do you handle per year?
3 We do not ship chemical products to other countries.
4 The warehouse manager is also responsible for vehicles and machinery.
5 Does this vendor supply car parts to foreign companies?
6 A freight forwarder usually arranges documentation for companies.


4 cargo
5 stock
6 liaise


1 plan
2 quote
3 monitor
5 ship

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