Logistics Services. Lesson 2.

Logistics uses lots of acronyms

Listen to three logistics


Logistics uses lots of acronyms. How many do you know? Test your-self by writing these ones out.
FCL = Full container Load
3PL = Third Party Logistics
HGV = Heavy Goods Vehicle
DC = Distribution Center
LCL = Less than Container Load
EDI = Electronic Data Interchange
VAS = Value Added Service
RFID = Radio Frequency Identification
ISO = International Standard Organization
GPS = Global Positioning System




Exercise 1. Match the following words (1-8) with their definitions (a-h) below: 

ordrer picking
reverse logistics
tracking and tracing


a. direct flow of goods from recipt at warehouse to shipping, bypassing storage

b. collecting and handling of used or damaged goods or of resusable transit equipment

c. loading goodes from one means of carriage onto another

d. selecting and assembling items from stock for shipments

e. packing goods in small sepratable units

f. picking of goods at a named place

g. receiving and storing goods

h. locating items in transit


  Verb Noun
1 receive  
2   equipment
3 carry  
4   assembly
5   location

3 Listen to three logistics providers presenting their services. Complete the table.




  specializes in transport mode used
   Provider 1 (6FT Global Carrier)  
   Provider 2 (Home Tex International)  
   Provider 3 (Cargo Express)  








Listen to the recording again and complete the sentences.

provider • shipping lines • fleet of vehicles • air carriers • transport companies • documentation


1 We are one of the world’s leading ________________with a freight volume of 600,000 containers per year.

2 We can offer our customers competitive rates with all major ________________ .

3 With a modern ________________ , we can ensure fast, safe delivery of your consignments.

4 Our services include order picking, packing, distribution, and handling of all transport ________________.

5 Cargo Express is Asia’s leading________________with a freight volume of 600,000 containers per year.

6 We work closely with of air freight services. around the world for the fastest delivery available.


5 Complete the sentences with words from the box.

happy • provide • range • specialize • major • ensure • customized


1 As a______________non-vessel operating common carrier, we can offer our customers

competitive rates with all major shipping lines.

2 We______________in solutions for full container loads (FCL) and less than container

consolidated loads (LCL).

3 As a specialist in home textiles, we can offer our clients______________services to meet

their needs.

4 Our team will be______________to assist you in all matters regarding your order.

5 We can______________you with tailor-made solutions for your air transport requirements.

6 We closely co-operate with air carriers around the world and can offer our customers a wide ______________of flexible and cost-effective services.

Now listen and check your answers.




When describing a company’s services or portfolio, we often use the following expressions:


We can offer you a wide range of...


We can provide (you with) customized/tailor-made logistics solutions for...


We specialize in...


As a specialist for/in ... we can...


With our many years of experience ...


We have experience and expertise in providing...


Our team will be happy to handle/assist you ...


With our dedicated team of logistics experts we can ...




Complete the list with your own company’s services. Then present it to your partner using phrases from this unit.



1 range of products or services ____


2 specialist in ____________________


3 experience _____________________


4 extra services for customers ____


7 Present the company’s services to your partner. Use phrases from this unit.



UNIT 2 Exercise 7 File 02
Partner A
India Logistics Ltd - International Freight Forwarders
High quality international freight forwarding services from India.
Air and sea freight, distribution services, order management, customs brokerage.
Many years of experience in shipping goods quickly and cost-effectively.
Sophisticated software to prepare documents quickly and correctly.




UNIT 2 Exercise 7 File 10
Partner В
Baltic Logistics - Logistics Services
Offices in all three Baltic States.
Air and sea freight, warehousing and distribution services.
Integrated, flexible logistics solutions.
Team of 50 logistics specialists.



Read the following text from a logistics company magazine about new trends in third-party logistics. Then label the paragraphs with the correct headings from the list.
Today’s role of major providers • Changing logistics requirements for manufacturers
• 3PL in the past • New challenges for 3PL • Change in logistics concepts
Recent trends in 3PL

Until a few years ago, companies used to outsource only parts of their logistics operations to providers specializing in services such as distribution or warehousing. A single company sometimes had several third-party logistics providers (3PLS).
The globalization of trade and increasing demand for services, however, has ted to a drastic shift in logistics concepts and management with an impact on both producers and logistics providers.
As far as manufacturers are concerned, logistics management has become a lot more complex. By now, many of them have learned that outsourcing single segments to different providers has not really made their logistics operations more efficient. That is why they are looking for providers who can provide a higher level of service and more comprehensive supply chain solutions.
For 3PL.S all over the world, requirements keep getting more demanding with customers asking for a wider range of logistics solutions. Apart from that, logistics providers today are facing an increasingly tough and highly competitive market. In recent years, growing pressure on prices has led to a decrease in profit margins. In order to compensate for this, many third-party logistics providers now offer value-added services for their customers. Due to fierce competition in the 3PL market, however, experts predict that only the big international players will be able to work profitably in the future.
The big global players, also called super- 3PLS, can provide their customers with comprehensive supply chain or end-to-end solutions. These services usually include forwarding, transportation, consolidation, customs brokerage, warehousing, and distribution, as well as a range of value- added services.


9 Now say which of these statements are true ✓ or false X .
1 In the past, companies used to outsource only segments of their logistics operations.
2 Manufacturers found out that outsourcing to 3PL providers is not efficient.
3 In the past few years many 3PL providers have increased their profit margins.
4 Customers today are demanding more complex logistics solutions.
5 Super-3PLs provide comprehensive solutions to logistics problems.


10 Match the words (1-6) from the text with the correct definition (a-f).
1 outsourcing
2 comprehensive
3 consolidation
4 requirements
5 demand
6 competition


a including a wide range of services
b details of what is expected and needed
с contracting functions out to third-party providers
d the need for particular goods or services
e companies trying to sell the same or similar products to customers
f the grouping of small shipments into one container


11 Look at the three website advertisements for value-added services. Then complete the table.


 2015-02-16 142523


2015-02-16 142650

12 Listen to two short presentations about online logistics services. Then say which of the statements are true (√) or false (X).
Express Logistics Online Shipping
1 ... helps you book pick-ups and track shipments.
2 ... you can log on by selecting your country.
3 ... you can check shipment records for up to 6o days.


Intercargo E-Shipping
4 ... allows you to make price enquiries.
5 ... you can cancel orders.
6 ... you can download pdf documents.


When describing online functions or tools, you can use the following phrases and expressions:


The price request tool allows you to obtain prices for shipments. E-Shipping helps you prepare/print/track/select... online.
To ..., Oust) sign up/register for/log on to ...
For price requests, please use ...
To access shipment details, click ...


13 Match the beginnings of the sentences (1-6) with the endings (a~f) to make sentences from the recording.


1 With Quick Online Shipping you can find
2 This online tool allows you
3 To use QOS, simply log on
4 After registering with E-Shipping, you can make
5 You can also
6 With a mouse click you can also


a to plan shipments, book collections and deliveries.
b price requests, schedule transport, and obtain real-time shipment information,
с track pick-ups and deliveries,
d download commercial documents in pdf format,
e by selecting your town or region from the drop-down menu on the left,
f the right service to suit your shipping needs.


14 Three people describe how IT has changed their jobs. Complete their statements with words from the box.
RFID • enter • track • mobile phone • device • digital • GPS-based • tag


1 Customer
Tracking shipments is a lot easier with SMS-Fast Track. Now I can use my 1
to find out where my shipment is. I just have to 2 my air waybill number
on my mobile and wait a few seconds. Then I get a reply with the details of my consignment’s current status. It’s such a great idea!


2 Truck driver
All our trucks are equipped with a truck support system now. For me
that’s a great help as I can always use maps that show me exactly where I am and where I have
to go. Obviously, it’s also useful for the company. They can my vehicle
at any time, see the route I’m taking and where I make stops. And what’s very handy for me
- the system also comes with a camera so I can take photos if there’s a problem while I’m on the road. 


3 Manager at a trailer storage yard.
I work at a trailer yard where trailers filled with packaged goods are kept until they go out to the customers. The site is very large and we have four different areas for trailer storage. Until
the new_6 tag system was introduced, it could easily take a couple of
hours to find the trailer we wanted. Now it’s a matter of minutes to locate the vehicle we’re
looking for. All we have to do now is put the_7 on a trailer and use a
mobile_8 to identify it. It really saves us a lot of time.


A new tracking device for US postal services
An American company based in California has recently developed a tracking device which may help post offices to improve their services. It can be used to find out more about hold-ups and delays in postal operations.



The small tracker, called the Letter Logger uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to store information about an item's position in transit. Similar devices have been used in the past to track expensive consumer goods like cars, but until now none of these systems wcs small enough to travel in an envelope.
Now that's all changed. As well as fitting into a US standard-size business letter, the GPS Letter Logger also meets other postal requirements: it is bendable and able to withstand rough handling. This is particularly important as the envelopes are thrown into sacks, then transported by van to automatic sorting locations where they run through high-speed shuffling systems.
The tracker itself does not transmit its position during transit, but stores the journey log on a memory card which can be read by a laptop computer. The GPS device offers several programming options ranging from checking its position every few minutes to checking only when on the move.
The Letter Logger does not help, however, if the envelope carrying it does not arrive at its destination within about seven days, as the battery runs flat after about a week.


Over you.


1 Have you ever experienced delays in postal services when sending or receiving letters?
2 Do you think this device should be used in your home country’s postal service?
3 Do you know any other useful electronic devices in logistics and transport?




1 full container load
2 third-party logistics
3 heavy goods vehicle
4 distribution centre
5 less than container load
6 electronic data interchange
7 value-added services
8 radio frequency identification
9 International Standards Organization
10 Global Positioning System

1 receipt
2 equip
3 carriage
4 assemble
5 locate


1 solutions for full container loads and less than container consolidated freight, sea
2 home textiles, road
3 consolidated air freight forwarding, air


1 transport companies
2 shipping lines
3 fleet of vehicles
4 documentation
5 provider
6 air carriers

1 major
2 specialize
3 customized
4 happy
5 provide
6 range

1 3PL in the past
2 Change in logistics concepts
3 Changing logistics requirements for manufacturers
4 New challenges for 3PI
5 Today’s role of major providers

1 True
2 False: outsourcing single segments to different providers is not efficient.
3 False: pressure on prices has led to a decrease in margins.
4 True
5 True

IC 2a 3f 4b 5d 6e


  payment  documentation product assembly packing/packaging other services
Maxwell credit processing literature fullfillment   pick and pack returns
Sichuan - import/export cargo customs clearance kitting packaging services, export packing & crating -
GLX - - building unbuilding polybagging shrink wrapping labelling.


1 True
2 False: log on by selecting your town or region.
3 False: you can check records for up to 90 days.
4 True
5 False: you can’t cancel orders online.
6 True

if 2a зе 4b 5c 6d



1 mobile phone
2 enter
3 GPS-based
4 track
5 digital
7 tag
8 device

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