Level 1. Grammar Exam.

1. Put pronouns.

1 They're my classmates,Their_________names are Kate and Noriко. (They/Their)
2. We're students________classroom number is 108-C (Our/We)
3. Excuse me. What's ________last name again? (you/your)
4. That's Ji-won ________is in my class. (He/His)
5. ________name is Elizabeth. Please call me Liz. (I / My)
6. This is Paul's wife. ________name is Jennifer. (His / Her)
7. My parents are on vacation ________are in South Korea. (We/They)
8. I’m from Venice, Italy ________is a beautiful city. (It / It's)



2. Look at the answers. What are the questions?
A: Are you on vacation here?
B: No, I’m not on vacation. I'm a student here.
B: No, I'm not. I’m very busy now.
B: No, we're not from Spain. We're from Mexico.
B: No, my teacher isn't Mr. Brown. I'm in Ms. West's class.
B: Yes, Natalie and Mika are in my class.
B: Yes, it's an interesting class.


3. Put a or an in the correct places.


1. He works with cars in garage.
2. He's mechanic. He's also part-time student He takes business class in the evening. She works for travel company. She arranges tours. She's travel agent.
3. He has difficult job. He's cashier.
4. He works in supermarket. She's architect. She works for large company. She designs houses. It's interesting job


4. How does Pat spend his weekends? Complete this paragraph with the words from the list.

around /at / before/ early/in/ late/ on/until


Everyone knows Pat at the hospital. Pat is a part-time nurse. He works at night on weekends. ___________Saturdays and Sundays, Pat sleeps most of the day and wakes up a little
___________nine ___________the evening, usually at 8:45 or 8:50. He has breakfast very late, ___________9:30 or 10:00 PM. He watches television___________ eleven o'clock, and then starts work ___________midnight. ___________ the morning, usually around 5:00 A.M., he leaves work, has a little snack, goes home, goes to bed, and sleeps___________. It's a perfect schedule for Pat. He's a pre-med student ___________ weekdays at a local college.

5. Complete these conversations. Then practice with a partner.

What _________do_________ you _________do_________ ?
I'm a full-time student. I study the violin.
And _________do you _________to school?
I _________to the New York School of Music.
Wow! _________do you like your classes?
I _________them a lot.



A: What _________Tanya do?
B: She's a teacher. She _________ an art class at a school in Denver.
A: And what about Ryan? Where_________ he work?
B: He _________for a big computer company in San Francisco.
A: _________ does he do, exactly?
B: He's a website designer. He _________fantastic websites.


6. Choose the correct words to complete the conversation.


Sonia: I like _________sunglasses over there.
             (that / those)
Clerk: Which_________?
             (one / ones)
Sonia: The small brown_________.
Clerk:_________________ $199.
Sonia: Oh, they're expensive!


7. Make comparisons using the words given. Add than if necessary.

A: These cotton gloves are nice.
B: Yes, but the leather ones are nicer (nice)
A: They're also_______(expensive)

A: Those silk jackets look _______(the wool ones, (attractive)
B: Yes, but the wool ones are_______(warm)
3. A: This purple shirt is an interesting color!
B: Yes, but the color is_______(the design, (pretty)
A: The design isn't bad.
В: I think the pattern on that red shirt is _______the pattern on this purple one. (good)


8. Complete this conversation. Use the present continuous of the verbs given.


Joel: You look tired, Don. Are you studying (study) late at night these days?
Don: No, I'm not. My brother and sister_______(stay) with me right now. We go to bed after midnight every night.
Joel: Really? What_______(do) this summer?_______(take) classes, too?
Don: No, they aren't. My brother is on vacation now, but he_______(look) for a part-time job here.
Joel: What about your sister?_______(work)?
Don: Yes, she is. She has a part-time job at the university. What about you, Joel? Are you in school this summer?
Joel: Yes, I am. I_______(study) two languages.
Don: Oh,_______(take) French and Spanish again?
Joel: Well, I'm taking Spanish again, but I_______(start) Japanese.
Don: Really? That's exciting!


9. Complete these sentences about your country. Use the words.

all/nearly all/most/a lot of/some/few/no

_____young people go to college,
_____people study English.
_____married couples have more than five children,
_____elderly people have part-time jobs,
_____students have full-time jobs,
_____children go to school on Saturdays.


10. Use these questions to complete the conversations. How often do you ... ? Do you ever ... ? What do you usually... ?
A: Do you ever exercise_______?
B: Yes, I often exercise on weekends.
A: _______
B: Well, I usually do karate on Saturdays and yoga on Sundays.
B: No, I never go to the gym after work.
В: I don't exercise very often at all.
B: Yes, I sometimes play sports on weekends - usually baseball.
В: I usually play tennis in my free time.


11. Complete this conversation. Write the correct prepositions in the correct places.

Susan: What time do you go jogging __ in__the morning? (around / in / on
Jerry: I always go jogging____7:00. (at/for/on) How about you, Susan?
Susan: I usually go jogging___noon, (around / in / with) I jog___about an hour, (at/for/until)
Jerry: And do you also play sports your___free time? (at / in / until)
Susan: No, I usually go out___my classmates, (around / for / with) What about you?
Jerry: I go to the gym ___ Mondays and Wednesdays, (at / on / until) And sometimes I go bicycling ___ weekends, (for / in / on)
Susan: Wow! You really like to stay in shape.


12. Put the adverbs in the correct place. Then practice with a partner.
A: Do you play sports? (ever)
B: Sure. I play soccer. (twice a week)
A: What do you do on Saturday mornings? (usually)
B: Nothing much. I sleep until noon. (almost always)
A: Do you do aerobics at the gym? (often)
B: No, I do aerobics. (hardly ever)
A: Do you exercise on Sundays? (always)
B: No, I exercise on Sundays. (never)
A: What do you do after class? (usually)
В: I go out with my classmates. (about three
times a week)


13. Complete these conversations. Then practice with a partner.
A: _______you_______(stay) home on Saturday?
B: No, I _____(call) my friend. We_____(drive) to a cafe for lunch.
A: How you_______(spend) your last birthday?
В: I _______(have) a party. Everyone (enjoy) it,
but the neighbors _______(not, like) the noise.
A: What _______you_______(do) iast night?
В: I_______(see) a 3-D movie at the Cinepiex.
I_______(love) it!
A:_______you_______(do) anything special over the weekend?
B: Yes, I_______.I_______(go) shopping. Unfortunately,
I_______(spend) all my money. Now I'm broke!
A:_______you_______(go) out on Friday night?
B: No, I_______I_______(invite) friends over, and I_______(cook) dinner for them.

14. Complete these conversations.Then practice with a partner.
A:_______you in Los Angeles last weekend?
B: No, I_______. I_______in San Francisco.
A: How_______it?
B: It_______great! But it_______foggy and cool as usual.
A: How long_______your parents in Europe?
B: They_______there for two weeks.
A:_______they in London the whole time?
B: No, they_______. They also went to Paris.
A:_______you away last week?
B: Yes, I_______in Istanbul.
A: Really? How long_______you there?
B: For almost a week. I_______there on business.


15. Write questions using "How much...?" or "How many... Then look at the picture and write answers to the questions. Use the expressions in the box.


1. (noise) _______How much noise is there?_ - _There’s a lot.
2. (buses) _______
3. (traffic)_______
4. (banks) _______
5. (people)_______
6. (crime) _______


16. Choose the correct words or phrases to complete this conversation.


Luis: Are there __any__(any / one / none) nightclubs around here, Alex?
Alex: Sure. There are (any / one / a lot). There's a great club_____(across from / between / on)
the National Bank, but it's expensive.
Luis: Well, are there_____(any/none/one) others?
Alex: Yeah, there are_____(a few/a little/one). There's a nice_____(any / one / some) near here. It's called Sounds of Brazil.
Luis: That's perfect! Where is it, exactly?
Alex: It s on Third Avenue,_____(between / on / on the corner of) the Royal Theater and May's Restaurant.
Luis: So let's go!


17. Complete the questions in these conversations. Use the present perfect of the verbs in bracket.




A: _______Have you seen_______Lacey's new hairstyle?
B: Yes, it's very ... interesting.
A:_______your homework yet?
B: Yes, I have. I did it last night.
A: How many phone calls today?
В: I made only one-to call you!
A: How long_______those sunglasses?
B: I've had them for a few weeks.
A:_______. at Rio Cafe?
B: Yes, we've already eaten there. It's very good but a little expensive,
A: How many times shopping at the mail this month?
B: Actually, I haven't gone at all. Why don't we go later today?

18. Complete the conversation. Use the simple past or the present perfect of the words given.


A: _Have_you ever_lost_ (lose) anything valuable?

B: Yes, I _______(lose) my cell phone last month.

A: ____you_____(find) it yet?

B: No. Actually, I _______already (buy) a new one. Look!

A: Oh, that's nice. Where _______you_______(buy) it?

I_______(get) it at Tech Town last

weekend. What about you?_______you ever_______(lose) anything valuable?

A: Well,I _______(leave) my leather jacket in a coffee shop a couple of months ago.

B: Oh, no!_______you_______(go) back and look for it?

A: Well, I_______(call) them, but it was gone.


19. Complete these conversations using can, can't, should, or shouldn't Then practice with a partner.
A: I _______decide where to go on my vacation.
B: You go to India. It's my favorite place to visit.
A: I'm planning to go to Bogota next year. When do you think I _______go?
B: You go anytime. The weather is nice almost all year,
A: _______I rent a car when I arrive in Cairo? What do you recommend?
B: No, you _______definitely use the subway, it's fast and efficient.
A: Where _______I get some nice jewelry in Bangkok?
B: You _______miss the weekend market. It's the best place for bargains.
A: What _______I see from the Eiffel Tower?
B: You _______see all of Paris, but in bad weather, you _______see anything.


20. Write responses to show agreement with these statements.


1. I’m not crazy about French food _______
2. I can eat any kind of food _______
3. i think Mexican food is delicious _______
4. I can't stand greasy food _______
5. I don't like salty food _______
6. I'm in the mood for something spicy _______
7. I'm tired of fast food _______
8. I don't enjoy rich food very much _______
9. I always eat healthy food._______
10. I can't eat bland food. _______


21. Complete the invitations in column A with the present continuous used as future. Complete the responses in column В with be going to.

1. What you _______(do) tonight? Would you like to go out?
2 _______you_______(do) anything on Friday night? Do you want to see a movie?
3.We _______(have) friends over for a barbecue on Sunday. Would you and your parents like to come?
4 _______you _______(stay) in town next weekend? Do you want to go for a hike?

a. I_______(be) here on Saturday, but not Sunday. Let's try and go on Saturday.
b. Well, my father_______(visit) my brother at college. But my mother and I_______(be) home. We'd love to come!
c. Sorry, I can't. I_______(work) overtime tonight. How about tomorrow night?
d.Can we go to a late show? I_______(stay) at the office till 7:00.


22. Choose several pieces of good advice for each problem.

What should you do for a cold? It's important to get a lot of rest.


Example: I've got a sore throat - It's important to take some vitamin С 


Problems                                  Advice
1. a sore throat__________a. take some vitamin С
2. a cough__________ b. put some ointment on it
3. a backache__________ c. drink lots of liquids
4. a fever__________ d. go to bed and rest
5. a toothache__________ e. put a heating pad on it
6. a bad headache__________ f. put it under cold water
7. a burn__________ g. take some aspirin
8. the flu__________ h. see a dentist
i. see a doctor__________ j. get some medicine


23. Rewrite the sentances using complex subject.


1) It is expected that the strike will end soon. The strike ___is expected to end soon__.


2) It is expected that the weather will be good tomorrow.

The weather is_________________________

3) It is believed that the thieves got in through the kitchen window.

The thieves_________________________

4) It is reported that many people are homeless after the floods.

Many people_________________________

5) It is thought that the prisoner escaped by climbing over a wall.

The prisoner_________________________

6) It is alleged that the man drove through the town at 90 miles an hour.

The man is_________________________

7) It is reported that the building has been badly damaged by fire.

The building_________________________

8) a It is said that the company is losing a lot of money.

The company_________________________

9) It is believed that the company lost a lot of money last year.

The company_________________________

10) It is expected that the company will lose money this year.

The company_________________________

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