Summer holiday

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√ Упражнения
√ Текст
√ Перевод
√ Прослушивание текста
Look up the meaning of the following words to avoid any difficulty of understanding.
Net [net], - сеть, doubt [daʊt]-сомневаться, stretch [streʧ]-простираться, souvenier[ˈsuːvənɪə] - сувенир, 


2.1.Listen to the first part of the recording and identify the statements below as True, False or not mentioned.
1. Thirty years ago the place where the author’s grandparents lived was not far from the beach.
2. The speaker liked to walk along the beach with her grandfather and talk to fishermen who were mending their nets.
3. There were hardly any storms on that part of the coast at that time.
4. As an adult the speaker only visited her grandparents once when she got married.
5. The speaker was happier as a child than when she grew up.
6. She would have enjoyed her holidays at ther grandparents’ more, if there had been more entertainments in those days.

2.2. Listen to the second part of the recording and note down changes in the village.
15 years ago-Now/to future

3.1. Complete these sentences with the verb-forms according to the recording.
1. When I (to be) a child I (to use) to spend the summer holidays in a village by the sea.
2. And they would tell stories of the difficulties they (to face) in the sea.
3. The fields (to disappear).
4. She and her family (to he) richer than her grandparents.
5. I (to be) sorry that the village I (to know) (to go) for ever.
3.2. Choose the right variant according to the text.
1. The fishermen used to sit inside/outside their small white/wide houses.
2. And then/there my father sold/bought the house.
3. The beach was dirty/deserted.
4. They are building a series/serious apartment-block.
5. The girl was standing behind the door/in the doorway.

• Write a paragraph about visiting your native place after a period of time.
• Translate this letter into English.
детям и взрослым там будет весело, но иногда я вспоминаю свою тихую улицу с маленьким кинотеатром в центре, и мне становится грустно.
Аня, как летит время! Ты не узнаешь наш город! Нашего маленького старого дома на окраине больше нет! На его месте построили большой многоквартирный дом, а недалеко от него строится парк развлечений. Я не сомневаюсь, что детям и взрослым там будет весело, но иногда я вспоминаю свою тихую улицу с маленьким кинотеатром в центре, и мне становиться грустно.

When I was a child I used to spend the summer holidays at my grandparents’ house in a village by the sea. In those days, some thirty years ago, there were no tourists and this was a quiet fishing village. In the afternoons, the fishermen used to sit outside their small, white houses mending their nets.

As we went by, they would smile and greet us, and if I was with my grandfather we would stop and talk and they would tell stories of the difficulties they had faced in the storms that are common on that part of the coast in the autumn.

When I grew up I no longer went to the village for my holidays, but we still visited my grandparents from time to time until they' both died. And then my father sold the house. Some years later, however, just after I got married, I took my husband to see the village where I had been so happy as a child. I noticed then that everything was already c hanging.

The long stretch of beach that ran from the village to my grandparents’ house had been almost deserted fifteen years before, but now there were several hundred people there every' day, most of them from two big hotels that had been built for the tourists. When I was a child, the only entertainment was a cinema that opened twice a week at weekends.

Once, when I went with my grandfather for an afternoon showing, there were only five people in the queue, and the owner came out, counted us, said “Not enough”, and shut the door in our faces. But now there were already four or five bars and a disco.

The fields have disappeared; in their place, they are building a series of apartment blocks, with swimming pools and tennis courts, and they are going to build two supermarkets and an amusement park.
There were no fishermen outside their houses in the main street any more but I saw the daughter of one of them, a girl I had played with as a child. She was standing in the doorway of her shop, encouraging tourists to come in and buy souvenirs. No doubt she and her family will be richer than their grandparents, but I am sorry that the village I knew has gone for ever.

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