Rembrandt a popular painting that thieves favor

Обучение восприятия устной речи на слух
Part В
Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear longer conversations. After each conversation, you will hear several questions. The conversations and questions will not be repeated.
After you hear a question, read the four possible answers in your book and choose the best answer. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen.
Remember, you should not take notes or write in your book.
Now we will begin Part В with the first conversation.






31. (A) A well-known painting.
    (B) A painting that thieves favor.
    (C) A popular painting among the public.
    (D) The most valuable painting in the museum.


32. (A) How thieves can steal the painting.
    (B) Why someone would buy a painting.
    (C) How many times the painting has been taken.
    (D) How much a stolen painting sells for.


33. (A) For 3 years.
    (B) For 4 years.
    (C) For 5 years.
    (D) For 20 years.


34. (A) It’s a Rembrandt.
    (B) It’s worth $5 million.
    (C) It’s easily recognized.
    (D) It’s 9 by 11 inches.


35. (A) Emergency services.
    (B) Tearing down a room.
    (C) Finding lost objects.
    (D) Experiencing a disaster.


36. (A) In Ann's handbag.
    (B) At the office.
    (C) In Ann’s room.
    (D) At the student union.


37. (A) He always leaves them in the office.
    (B) He always puts them back in the same place.
    (C) He always imagines what the place looks like.
    (D) He always keeps them with him.


38. (A) She’s missing.
    (B) She keeps getting lost.
    (C) She can’t remember the incident.
    (D) She can’t get organized.



Part В

31. (В) The man says the painting is favored by thieves and has been taken from the museum four times.
32. (D) The man says that the painting is appraised at five million, but he doesn’t know what a thief can sell it for.
33. (A) The man says the painting has been out on “unauthorized loan for three years.” “Unauthorized loan” is a humorous way of saying it was stolen.
34. (D) Its small size makes it easy to conceal and take out of the museum.
35. (C) The first speaker mentions Ann’s missing wallet. Then they discuss their methods of finding missing objects and then continue the discussion about the inability of finding anything in their friend’s messy room.
36. (A) The woman states that the last time the wallet was missing, it was found in Ann’s handbag.
37. (B) The man says that he puts things back in the place he keeps them so they are there when he needs them.
38. (D) The people’s description of Ann’s room and their comments concerning her misplacing her possessions indicates that she is disorganized.

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Used material: Cambridge Preporation for the TOEFL Test, Second Edition 1996, Jolene Gear, Robert Gear, Cambridge University Press.

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