Chapter 3. Focus A -1

Lesson 2. Don't Go Away!
√ Campus Life

1 Campus Life.

M: Have you thought about what you’re going to do this summer,
W: Well, I can work full time at the restaurant if I want to.
M: That’s where you worked last summer, right?
W: Yes, and I’m still working there part time.
M: Do they pay pretty well?
W: Yes, with tips the money is pretty good, but I’m graduating
    next year, so I’d like to get some experience in my field.
M: That’s a good idea. Maybe you should try to get an internship.
W: An internship? I’d love to. It would mean a pay cut, but it’d be
    worth it.
M: Yeah, they don’t pay very well, but in the long run, they sure
    do pay off. Not only do you get experience, you make all kinds
    of contacts.
W: Yes, it would be good to have some experience and some
    references under my belt when I start looking for work after
    graduation. I just have no idea how to go about finding a summer
M: Why don’t you go to the Summer Job/Internship fair?
W: I didn’t know such a thing existed! When do they hold that?
M: Hang on, I’ve got the pamphlet in my backpack.
W: Great.
M: Here it is...let’s’s actually next week, on the 16th. It starts
    at 9:30 a.m. and goes until 3:00 p.m.
W: Is it here on campus?
M: At the University Center Ballroom.
W: That’s great. Is it casual, or should I dress as if I’m going to an
M: It says here that it’s business casual.
W: So, should I bring my resumé?
M:’s not mandatory, but it’s a good idea.
W: OK. Does it say there what kinds of internships are available?
M: You’re into logistics, right?
W: Yup.
M: They’ve got something at Office Depot and at Wal-Mart.
W: Fantastic. Are you going, too?
M: Yes, I’m going to try to get hired on at a summer camp.
W: Oh, that sounds like fun.
M: It sure would be. It would be a good experience, too, since I’m
    studying to be a teacher.
W: Yeah, that would be excellent. Are there many camps listed on
M: There are three. One’s at Camp Ton-A-Wandah, one’s at Wesley
    Woods, and the other is at Camp Webb.
W: Camp Ton-A-Wandah? I went there when I was a kid! I had a
    horrible time. The camp counselors were awful.
M: Really? Well, I’ll be different.
W: I’m sure you will. I’ll give you a few pointers some time.
M: Let’s just wait and see if I get the job.
W: You won’t have any trouble. You’re at the top of your class, and
    you do all that volunteer work.
M: Thanks for the vote of confidence. And good luck to you.
W: Thanks, I’ll need it. Hey, do you want to go together?
M: Sure. We should go early.
W: Good idea. We’ll look enthusiastic that way.
M: Let’s meet at 9:15.

2 Campus Life.

M: Is there something I can help you with?
W: Yes, I have a few questions about that online tutoring service. I
    can’t remember what it’s called.
M: You mean I think I can probably answer
    any questions you might have. What would you like to know?
W: Well, I’m thinking of enrolling, but there are a couple of things I’d
    like to know first. Like for one thing, are there any restrictions on
    log on times? I usually do my work late at night, so it won’t be
    much use to me if it can only be accessed during regular working
M: Not to worry. You are free to log on anytime, anywhere.
W: That’s good to hear. I’ve also heard that there is some kind of
    writing clinic or something. What can you tell me about that?
M: Ah, you mean the writing lab. Yes, what that is is a tool to help you
    improve your writing. You can submit your writing to the online
    writing lab, and you will receive a critique with some constructive
    criticism to help you develop your writing skills. It’s also open
    twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
W: That should be helpful. Will I get an instant reply?
M: It won’t be instant, but you will receive a reply within 24 hours.
    We give priority to distance education students because it is
    impossible for them to consult their instructors face-to-face, but
    everyone using Smartthinking will get a fast response. Remember
    the 24 hour rule, though. If you have a paper due at eight o’clock
    the following morning, you probably won’t get your response in
    time. Always submit your work at least two days before the paper
    is due. Be sure to leave yourself enough time to do revisions as well.
W: What about security? Is there any chance somebody could get
    a hold of my paper and copy it for themselves?
M: Absolutely not. Everyone who has access to submissions in the
    writing lab is accountable.
W: Oh! The papers go to a writing lab? So these aren’t English
    professors who are giving feedback?
M: No. Your paper will be evaluated by a graduate student who
    works in our writing lab. Most of them are English majors, but even
    if they’re not, they all have a strong background in writing.
W: I see. Now, I know that the tutoring program is free, but is there
    any kind of registration fee for first-time users?
M: No. There are no charges at all. However, only students currently
    enrolled at Citywide Community College can use Smartthinking.
   It has been set up to provide academic support for our students,
   so unfortunately we can’t offer the service to anyone else. Are
   you currently enrolled at this community college?
W: Yes.
M: Great. What kind of computer do you have?
W: I have a Mac. That won’t be a problem, will it?
M: No, not at all. As long as you have Internet Explorer, you’ll be
    able to log on to the online tutoring system with no difficulties.
    I assume that you have a modem?
W: Right, I have a 56K modem.
M: That’s fine. Then all you need to do now is choose your subjects
    and sign up.
W: Can I sign up right now?
M: Of course. Those two computers right over there have Internet
    access. You can use use either one to log on and sign up.
W: Great. Thanks.

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