Английский язык для начинающих. Урок #2 Глагол to be, гласная e, произношение.

Скрипт урока.

- My name is Charles Ivanov. But please call me Chuck. What's your name? 
- Hello, I'm Susan Robrtson. People call me Sue. 
- Nice to meet you Sue.
- Pleased to meet you Chuck.

открытый слог
 [i:] (и)
 закрытый слог
[e] (э)
[ɜː] (э)
[iə] (иэ)
 безударный слог
[ə] [i] (э и)
 he  get  her  here  begin
she  egg  term  mere  return 
we  fell  verb  sphere  ticket 
be  let  serve  material  sister 
week  tent  prefer  serial  present 
repeat  ten  person  period  absent 

chafe, champ, chase, chat,  shade, shake, shady, shank, than, that, then, thank, thermos, thesis.

  to be     
I am (I'm)
He is (He's)
She is (she's)
It is (It's)
We are (We're)
You are (You're)
They are (They're)
I am not (I'm not)
He is not (He isn't)
She is not (she isn't)
It is not (It isn't)
We are not (We aren't)
You are not (You aren't)
They are not (They aren't)
Am I  ?
Is he ?
Is she ?
Is it?
Are we?
Are you?
Are they?

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