Lesson 11. Job Advertising and Recruiting

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bring together

[brɪŋ təˈgeðə]





come up with

[kʌm ʌp wɪð]












[kwɒlɪfɪ keɪʃənz]



[ˈrɪ ˈkruːt]








 1. abundant adj., - обильный, в больших количествах (plentiful, in large quantities )

               a. The computer analyst was glad to have chosen a field in which jobs were abundant.
               b. The recruiter was surprised by the abundant number of qualified applicants.


2. accomplishment n.f [əˈkɔmplɪʃmənt] достижение, свершение, заслуга (an achievement, a success)
               a. The success of the company was based on its early accomplishments.
               b. In honor of her accomplishments, the manager was promoted.


3. bring together v., [brɪŋ təˈgeðə] объединять, собрать вместе (to join, to gather)
               a. year, the firm brings together its top lawyers and its newest recruits for a training session.
               b. Our goal this year is to bring together the most creative group we can find.


4. candidate n., [ˈkændɪdɪt] кандидат, кандидатура (one being considered for a position, office, or award)
              a. The recruiter will interview all candidates for the position.
              b. The president of our company is a candidate for the Outstanding Business Award.


5. come up with v., [kʌm ʌp wɪð] придумать (to plan, to invent, to think of)
              a. In order for that small business to succeed, it needs to come up with a new strategy,
              b. How was the new employee able to come up with that cost-cutting idea after only one                     week on the job?


6. commensurate adj., [kəˈmenʃərɪt] соизмеримый, сопоставимый (in proportion to, corresponding, equal to)
              a. Generally the first year’s salary is commensurate with experience and education level.
              b. As mentioned in your packets, the number of new recruits wilt be commensurate with the                 number of vacancies at the company.


7. match n., [mæʧ] матч, спичка, состязание, соответствие, совпадение(a fit, a similarity; v., to put together, to fit)
              a. It is difficult to make a decision when both candidates seem to be a perfect match.
              b. A headhunter matches qualified candidates to suitable positions.


8 . profile n.t  [ˈprəʊfaɪl] профиль, профайл, анкета (a group of characteristics or traits)
             a. The recruiter told him that, unfortunately, he did not fit the job profile.
             b. As jobs change, so does the company’s profile for the job candidate.


9. qualifications n., [kwɔlɪfɪˈkeɪʃn] квалификация, аттестация, подготовленность  (requirements, qualities, or abilities needed for something)
             a. The job seeker had done extensive volunteer work and was able to add this experience to his              list of qualifications.
             b. The applicant had so many qualifications that the company created a new position for her.


10. recruit v., [rɪˈkruːt] новобранец, рекрут, призывник, новичок (to attract people to join an organization or a cause; n., a person who is recruited)
             a. When the consulting firm recruited her, they offered to pay her relocation expenses,
             b. The new recruits spent the entire day in training.


11. submit v., [səbˈmɪt] подать, представить, представлять (to present for consideration)
             a. Submit your resume to the human resources department.
             b. The applicant submitted all her paperwork in a professional and timely manner.


12. time-consuming adj., много времени (taking up a lot of time, lengthy)
             a. Even though it was time-consuming, all of the participants felt that the open house was very              worthwhile.
             b. Five interviews later, Ms. Lopez had the job, but it was the most time- consuming process                  she had ever gone through.


Read the following passage and write the words in the blanks below.
abundant/candidates/match/recruit/accomplishments/coming up with/profile/submit/bring together/commensurate/qualifications/time-consuming
Recruiting employees is a (1)___and costly process.
Therefore, employers want to (2)___the right person with the right job the first time around.
There are many ways to (3)___good employees: advertising in newspapers and professional journals, recruiting on college campuses or at conferences, or getting referrals from headhunters.
Recruiting is a time for a company to brag about its (4)___and excite people about its future.
Each company is trying to (5)___the best and the brightest, but they are not atone.
Their competition is trying to do the same thing.
When jobs are (6)___and there is low unemployment, employers may face higher demands from job seekers.
Conversely, when the economy is slowing down and jobs are few, employers are in a better position for attracting the best(7)___ .
Employers look for certain characteristics and (8)___in their employees.
(9)___a very specific (10)___that fits the company culture and the specific job requirements is a difficult job.
Employers want to see a well-rounded candidate and someone who has related work experience.
They are willing to offer a salary that is (11)___with that experience.
Employers will make hiring and salary determinations based on the information candidates (12)___throughout the application and interview process.







 You can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.






 The company is proud of our team’s accomplishments.












The accomplished artist had his paintings in all the major galleries.











 The former marketing director is a good match for this position in public relations.






 We need to match both job experience and personality for this position.










The matching cushions look better on the chair.








 His customer profile shows that he always pays on time.








 Through telephone surveys, we try to profile our clientele in order to understand who fs using our services.










The profiled candidate only met half of the job requirements.








In order to qualify, you must have two years of work experience.






The manager made a list of qualifications for the vacant job position.








He found himself overqualified for the entry-level position.







Large accounting firms recruit on college campuses every spring.








The company’s recruitment resulted in ten highly qualified new employees.











As a recruiter, he traveled around the country speaking to recent college graduates.







Anyone who is interested in the position should submit a resume and writing samples.








I’m very sorry, the submission date was last week. We can’t take any more applications.






The submittal of his resignation prompted his colleagues to apply for his job.



Part 1 Photo

Look at the picture and listen to the sentences. Choose the sentence that best describes the picture.

1. A), B), C), D)






Part 1: Photo


Number 1. Look at the picture marked Number 1.
(A) The job profile is posted on the board.
(B) The qualifications are listed on the wall.
(C) The harvest this season is abundant.
(D) The candidate is checking the job listings in the newspaper.


Part 2 Question-Response

Listen to the question and the three responses. Choose the response that best answers the question.


2. A), B), C)      3. A), B), C)





Part 2: Question-Response


Number 2.
Which candidate mentioned her father’s fish boat?
(A) The first one.
(B) She fishes for a living.
(C) Her father sells oats.


Number 3.
What recent accomplishment are you most proud of?
(A) I need to resend this package.
(B) I won the employee-of-the-month award in May.
(C) I found it most time-consuming.

Part 3 Conversation
Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best response.



Part 3: Conversation
Numbers 4 through 6 relate to the following conversation.
[M] Have you come up with any ideas for finishing your job search?
[W] It’s been very time-consuming and draining, but I think it’s finally coming to an end. And it’s about time, too. I’ve been at this for five months now.
[M] Does this mean that you’ve found the job that’s the perfect match?
[W] Maybe. I’m very hopeful about a position I interviewed for yesterday. I know I have all the qualifications.



4. What has the woman been doing lately?
   (A) Fixing her drain.
   (B) Earning money.
   (C) Looking for matches.
   (D) Searching for a job.


5. How long has she been doing this?
   (A) Two months.
   (B) Four months.
   (C) Five months.
   (D) Nine months.


6. What did she do yesterday?
   (A) She had an interview.
   (B) She read a review.

   (C) She helped someone.
   (D) She accepted a new position.

Part 4 Talk
Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer.





Part 4: Talk
Questions 7 through 9 relate to the following recording.
Candidates are asked to submit a current resume and letter of interest.

Your resume should list your qualifications for the job you are applying for.

It should also list specific accomplishments in past jobs or in school.

Your letter of interest should also outline your long-term career goals.

If you bring together a picture of your past, your current goals, and your future, your profile will be more cohesive to our hirers.

We are currently recruiting for entry-level positions in our accounting department.

Salaries are competitive and commensurate with experience.


Part 1: Photo
Number 1. Look at the picture marked Number 1.
(A) The applicant is called in for an interview.
(B) The expert is putting on his coat.
(C) The sick cat is hiding its weakness.
(D) The room is ready for a party.
Part 2: Question-Response Number 2.
Can I mail in this application?
(E) Yes, the address is on the last page.
(F) It’s not applicable.
(G) It doesn’t apply here.
Number 3.
Are you ready for the written test?
(A) The test is administered by computer.
(B) My score was sent in the mail.
(C) Not quite, I don’t have a pencil.
Part 3: Conversation
Numbers 4 through 6 relate to the following conversation,
[W] Do you remember the first time l applied for a job? I had absolutely no confidence in myself.
[M] And look where you are now—a widely respected expert in the field of computer networks.
[W] Isn’t it interesting how we change and grow. I was hesitant to go on my first job interview because I didn’t think I could present myself well. I was sure no one would hire me.
[M] And now you’re asked to speak at conferences all over the country. In fact, I’d like to ask you to help me out with planning a workshop I have to give next week.


7. What should the resume include?
   (A) Your major in college.
   (B) Your grade point average.
   (C) A current reference.
   (D) A list of concrete achievements.


8. What is the employer looking for?
   (A) Employees with long-term career plans.
   (B) People to fill positions immediately.
   (C) Aggressive marketers.
   (D) People willing to accept minimum wage.


9. Who should apply for a position now?
   (A) Accountants.
   (B) Recruiters.
   (C) School teachers.
   (D) Apartment managers




Part 5 Incomplete Sentences


Choose the word that best completes the sentence.


10. Your resume shows you have___a great deal in your last position.
   (A) accomplish
   (B) accomplishment
   (C) accomplished
   (D) accomplishing


11. This program is used to scan resumes and search for key words that___ .
   (A) match
   (B) matched
   (C) matching
   (D) will match


12. It is illegal to___candidates based on gender or ethnicity.
   (A) profile
   (B) profiling
   (C) profiled
   (D) will profile


13. The applicants who___the corporate office and interviewed there.
   (A) qualification
   (B) qualify
   (C) qualifying
   (D) qualifies


14.The company hired a professional___to fill the vacant positions.
   (A) recruited
   (B) recruiting
   (C) recruitment
   (D) recruiter


15. After___all his materials, he had no option but to sit back and wait for some response.
   (A) submitting
   (B) submitted
   (C) submission
   (D) submit


Part6 Text Completion


Attention Job Seekers!
Attend the National Recruiting Fair to be held next Saturday, May 11, at the Hinton Hotel. This fair 16 representatives of over 150 major national corporations. They are all looking for qualified candidates to apply for thousands of currently available job openings. Attendees are advised to bring 15 copies of a current resume that lists education, job experience, and professional 17 . Many interviews will be conducted on site. Now you can stop that 18 job search, making call after call and sending out resume after resume. All the companies you want to work for will be together under one roof. You are sure to find the company that is the best match for you. Admission is free.


16. (A) bring together
    (B) brings together
    (C) brought together
    (D) to bring together


17. (A) accomplishes
    (B) accomplished
    (C) accomplishing
    (D) accomplishments


18. (A) time-consuming
    (B) submitting
    (C) recruiting
    (D) profiling


Part 7 Reading Comprehension


Questions 19-23 refer to the following two e-mail messages.


To: Maijorie Morgan


From: Bill Smithers


Subject: Recruiting


We need to start looking at recruiting some new staff members over the summer. Our company

has gotten lots of new contracts recently. We have abundant work and need to take on two or three new employees to help with it. We should advertise the positions as entry-level with room for promotion. We should choose the job candidates carefully as I don’t want to have to end up firing anyone who turns out to be a bad match. I would like the new staff members to start work by June 10. Therefore, we should ask interested candidates to submit their applications before the end of April so that we can start interviewing in early May. Please come up with a recruiting plan and let me know. Thanks.




From: Marjorie Morgan


Subject: re: Recruiting



 Attachment: ad draft



Here is my plan for recruiting new staff members for this summer. I will place ads in our local newspapers, in two major national papers, and on the major web sites by April 1. The deadline for submission of applications will be April 30. We will start interviews on May 8. In the ads I will carefully outline the qualifications we are looking for. I am attaching a draft of the ad. Please look it over and send me your comments. I want to make sure it contains all the details you want.





19. Why does Mr. Smithers need to hire new staff members?
   (A) He has recently fired several employees.
   (B) His company has a lot of work.
   (C) Marjorie Morgan is leaving her job.
   (D) Several employees have been promoted.


20. What does Mr, Smithers ask Ms. Morgan to do?
   (A) Interview job candidates.
   (B) Send him comments.
   (C) Make a plan to recruit new employees.
   (D) Read the major national newspapers.


21. What will happen by April 30?
   (A) Job candidates will submit their applications.
   (B) Interviews will begin.
   (C) Two or three new staff members will be hired.
   (D) The new staff members will begin working.


22. The word candidates in line 7 of the first e-mail is closest in meaning to
   (A) advertisements
   (B) descriptions
   (C) recommendations
   (D) applicants


23. The word qualifications in lines 9 of the second e-mail is closest in meaning to
   (A) quantities
   (B) positions
   (C) abilities
   (D) salaries

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