Урок# 22. Как пройти до...?

√ Asking for directions
√ Giving directions.
√ Dialogues.

Asking for directions

Can (Could) you tell me - how to get
                                  how I can get
                                  the way to the station?

(Excuse me,) do you know the way to the bank? - Извените, вы знаете дорогу к банку?
                                   where the nearest police station is? - где находиться полицейский участок?

Is this the/right/way to ...? - это правильное направление до...?
Am I right for ... ? Я правильно иду к...
Does this bus/train go to ... ? - Этот автобус/ поезд до...?

Giving directions:...

Go straight on
                ahead. идите прямо
It’s   the first turning on the left/right. - поверните налево/направо в первый переулок.
Take the second turning on the left/right. - поверните налево/направо во второй переулок. 
       the third turning on the left/right.   поверните налево/направо в третий переулок.
       the next turning on the left/right.   поверните налево/направо в следующий переулок.

Go along this street as far as the crossroads - идите по этой улице до перекрестка.
    down this street as far as the crossroads
    up this street as far as the crossroads.

Turn left/right at the traffic lights. поверните налево/направо
Turn into Beech Road. поверните в Бич Роуд.
It’s at the end of the street. Это в конец улицы.

Straight ahead till you come to the traffic lights/crossroads, then turn left/right. - прямо до светофора/перекрестка.
Take a number... bus. (all the way) - садитесь на автобус... .
Take a number ... bus and get off at... . садитесь на автобус и выходите на... .
Take a tube to .../a bus to .../a train to .... едьте в метро/атобусом до.../поездом до... .

1. Study the conversational formulas used to ask for and give directions.
10.  Have you ever travelled abroad?
11. What countries have you visited?
12. Is the public transport in those countries different from the public transport in this country?

Conversation Practice

2.Study and practise the following conversations.
Use them as models for your own conversations.

Asking the Way
- Excuse me, can you tell me where South Street is, please?
- Take the second turning on the left and then ask again.
- Is it far?
- No, it’s only about five minutes’ walk.
- Many thanks.

- Excuse me, please. Gould you tell me the way to the station?
- Turn round and turn left at the traffic lights.
- Will it take me long to get there?
- No, it’s no distance at all.
- Thank you.
- That’s OK.

- Excuse me, please. Could you tell me how to get to the town centre?
- First right, second left. You can’t miss it.
- Is it too far to walk? .
- No, it’s only a couple of hundred yards.
- Thanks very much.
- It’s a pleasure.

- Does this bus go to the town centre?
- No, you’ll have to get off at the bank and take a 182.
- Can you tell me where to get off?
- It’s the next stop but one.

- Excuse me.
- Yes?
- Could you tell me how to get to the bank, please?
- Yes, of course. Go along this road as far as the traffic lights.
Then turn left into the High Street and it’s on the right.
- Is it far?
- No, not very far.
- Thank you very much.
- You’re welcome. .

- Excuse me, miss. Is this where the 33 bus stops?
- Well, several buses stop here. The 33 stops here, too. Where do you want to go?
- I want to get to La Guardia Airport.
- The 33 will take you there.
- Thank you.
- Not at all.

- Excuse me. Can you tell me where the bus station is?
- Walk two blocks up Reed. Then turn right on Jefferson.
- Right on Jefferson. OK ...
- Then go one block to Peter Street, cross Peter, and you’ll see it on your left.  It’s opposite the drugstore.
- Cross Peter and it’s on the left, opposite the drugstore.
- Thanks a lot.

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