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Условное наклонение. I, II, III типы

Условное наклонение

√ Первый вид условного наклонения.

√ Второй вид сослагательного наклонения.
√ Третий вид сослагательного наклонения.
√ Смешанное наклонение.


Первый вид условного наклонения.

Первый вид условного наклонения If + Present Simple, Will + Present simple. Это реальные действия.

Doctor Mobstine will examen her if she shows up.


Второй вид условного наклонения.


Второй вид сослагательного наклонения описывают не реальные действия относитсящиеся к настоящему или будущему: I + rode (Past Simple) , Could, Might, Would + ride (Present Simple).


If she showed up, Dr. Mobstine would/Could/Might exam her
If Victor went away on business trip His wife would know about it today.
Namenda Might/would/Could call Dr. Mobstine if  she turned on her mobiles phones in  two days’ time.


Третий вид условного наклонения.


Третий вид сослагательного наклонения предназначен для описания нереальных событий прошедшего времени: If + had gathered/written, Might/would/Could/ + have gone/picked.


if she had showed up, Dr. Mobstine would/Could/Might have examined her yesterday
If Victor had gone away on business trip, His wife would have known about it yesterday.
Nadezda Might/would/Could have called Dr. Mobstine if she had turned on her mobiles phones in two days’ time.


Смешанное наклонение:


If + Past Perfect, would/Could/Might + Present Simple

If she had stayed at home I would brought you my present

If they were good students, they would have studied for the test. (They are not good students. They did not study for the test yesterday.)

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