Prepositions times on, at, in

Present Continuous (I am going)

Предлоги — at, in, on

√ in the evening
√ at the moment
√ on Sundays
√ in about 20 minutes
√ on 21 July
√ in 1969
√ in the Middle Ages
√ in the 1920s
√ in 11 seconds
√ at Christmas
√ at the same time
√ at night.

Сравните: on, in, at

We arrive at six o'clock.
We arrive on Saturday.
We are arriving in November.
We will arrive in 2015.

At + time употребляется:

at 16 o'clock, (в 16 часов)
at 12,15,
at sunset, (на закате)
at supper time (во время ужина),
at midnight (в полночь)

On + даты and дни

On Saturday/Saturdays (в субботу/ по субботам)
on 15 May 2013
on my sister's birthday (в день рождения моей сестры)
on Christmas Day (в Рождественский День)

In + месяцы, сезоны и годы

in November (в ноябре),

in (the) summer (летом),

in 2015,

in thirteenth century (в 13 веке),

in the Middle ages (в средние века),

in (the) future (в будущем),

in the past (в прошлом)

II. Употребление at в выражениях

at the same time (в тоже самое время)

Easter (на Пасху)/at Christmas (в Рождество) (но: On Christmas Day (в Рождественский День))

present (в настоящее время),

at the moment ( в данный момент),

at night (ночью),

at the weekend(s) (на выходные),

in the night (ночью),

late into the night (поздно ночью),

1. He dislikes watching tv at night

2. where were our guests at the weekends.
3. Did the parents of mine use to leave the presents from Santa Claus under the Christmas tree at Christmas/on Christmas Day?
4. Mrs Brignall and Mrs Brignall are reading at present/at the moment.
5. Helen and Mike phoned at the same time.

Можно спросить "What time..." (not typical "At what time?")

What time is Mike taking the test tomorrow? (В котором часу Майк сдает экзамен завтра?

III. Можно сказать:

in the evening (вечером) ,

in the afternoon (днем),

in the morning (утром):

They are seeing her off this afternoon.(Ее провожают сегодня днем)
Does she usually go for a drive in the morning? (Она обычно ходит кататься на машинеутром?)


On Tuesday evening(s) (во вторник вечером),
on Wednesday morning(s) ,
on Thursday afternoon(s),

She is going to get to granny on Saturday evening.
Does she often ask out on Tuesday evening?

Iv. Предлоги не употребляются перед next/this/last/every.

My parents will meet us next Tuesday.
My parents went to Australia last May.

V. In seven Months, in a minute (in= через)

The plain will be in due to land in tow hours.
Daizy went out. She was due to flew back in 3 months.
They say in a year's time, in amonth's time
She is giving a birth in five week's time (через 5 недель)

In - за

Сколько времени мы потратим на выполнение какого - либо дело.

I drew this picture in 9 hours.

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