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Условное наклонение
√ give away
√ give back
√ give in
√ give off
√ give out
√ give up

give away
1. Present smth. free/дарить, отдавать; раздавать ( невесту жениху на свадьбе) распределять, раздавать (дары, призы)', to give smth to somebody (as a gift)
My sister has given away her old blouse.
She has given her old boots away.
2. разг. выдавать, предавать; проговориться, подвести to betray (a person); to reveal (a secret or information)
They said that they were not American but their manner of behaving gave them away.

give back
возвращать to return something to its owner She must give back your books.

give off

to emit (heat, a smell, etc.) - издавать, испускать (запах, жар, и т. п.)
The soil is giving off a filthy smell.


give in
1. to hand in - подавать, сдавать, вручать (заявление, отчет и т. п.)
I forgot to give in your exercise books.
2. yield to a person’s desires or wishes(to) сдаваться, уступать to
It doesn’t matter what you say, he will never give in.
Her husband has always givenin when she wants somthing new.


give out
1. распределять, раздавать to distribute The boss has given out the application forms.
2. to make known - оглашать, объявлять to announce, to make known The winners' names were given outbof on the radio.
3. something comes to an end - кончаться, иссякать (о силах, запасах, терпении и т. п.) to be an endcome exhausted
The food supply has given out.
Her patience has given out and he slammed the the door in her face.


give up
I) refuse to do smth - отказываться (от участия в соревновании, предложения, работы) to stop doing sth
She'll have to give up smoking because of her husband doesn’t like it.
She had to give up working when she gave a birth the baby.
2) оставить, бросить (привычку) to stop a habit


2. признать поражение, сдаться to surrender They stopped the war when every country gave up.

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