Упражнение наречие комментарий; мнения

Наречие. Упражнение на very, too, quite, extremely

Наречия в английском разговорном языке.
Упражнение на тренировку употребления наречий  комментарий; наречия точки зрения и отношения even, only, alone, apparently,  frankly,  generally,  in theory,  luckily, naturally,  personally,  sadly,  typically,  unbelievably


Ex1. Выберите наречие комментарий и замените подчеркнутую часть каждого предложения.
(A)apparently frankly generally in theory luckily naturally personally sadly- typically unbelievably 

1    It is regrettable that we can't offer you a place on the course. Sadly...
2    As might be expected. I did what I could to make them feel at home.
3    I've heard, but I'm not sure it's true that this building is going to be pulled down.
4    It is extremely surprising, but I won first prize.
5    To say what I really think. I don't know what I'd have done without him.
6    I n most circumstances, an overdose of this size is fatal.
7    In my opinion, I think television is to blame for the decline in reading standards among children.
8    It is fortunate that John didn't hurt himself when he fell off his motorbike.
9    On average, it takes three days for a letter to get to Australia.
10    It is supposed to be true that you can park anywhere, but in practice there are rarely any spaces left by 9 o'clock.


Ex 2. Выберите подходящий наречие точки зрения (мнения) из (I) и предложение с окончанием из (II). (B)

...it has been produced in Scotland.
...it has without doubt caused climatic warming.
...it - seemed -to-be-in- good-condition-,
...it is highly unlikely.
...it needs the support of its larger neighbours.

1 Although there was a lot of rust on the body of the car, mechanicalcaUy, it seemed to be In good, condition.
2    Although we don't notice the effects of industrial pollution at a local level,...
3    Although whisky is now made in countries such as Japan and New Zealand, ...
4    Although the country has had political independence for over a century, ...
5    Although it is possible to contract malaria in England,...


Ex. 3. Вставьте even, only или alone в предложении по смыслу. (C)


When he died, ..even.. his political enemies..........agreed that he was a good man.
2    I didn't expect her to do anything, but when I came down..........Ella had tidied up and
    made tea.
3    30, 000 cases of measles were reported during..........September..........    
4    He asked for lots of volunteers, but..........Alice..........put up her hand.
5 ..........my brother..........enjoyed the film, and he doesn't really like westerns.
6    It is often said that..........money...........can't bring you happiness.
7.    the machine could.............analyse its chemical constituents - it couldn't say if the rock was valuable.
8 .........the tickets........would be more than I could afford. I certainly couldn't pay the




Ex. 1
2 Naturally
3 Apparently
4 Unbelievably
5 Frankly
6 Generally (или 'Typically '
7 Personally
8 Luckily
9 Typically (или 'Generally')
10 In theory
Ex. 2
2 globally, it has without doubt Caused climatic warming.
3 traditionally, it has been
Produced in Scotland.
4 economically, it needs the Support of its larger neighbours.
5 statistically, it is highly unlikely.
Ex. 3
2 down Ella had tidied up and even made tea.
3 during September alone.
4 but only Alice put up ('but Alice alone' is also possible)
5 Even my brother enjoyed
6 that money alone can't
7 the machine could only analyse
8 the tickets alone would


К теории:


 Используемый материал: Advanced Grammar in Use, A self-study, Martin Hewings, Cambridge University Press, 1999. p.186, 187

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