On time/in time, At the end/in the end

Наречие. Упражнение на very, too, quite, extremely
On time/in time, At the end/in the end

A. On time and in time

B. At the end and in the end.

A. On time and in time

1 On time - пунктуальны, не поздно. Если что-то происходит, во время, это происходит в точно назначенное время, которое было запланировано:

- The 10.40 bus left on time. (=it left at 10.40)

- 'She'll come to your place at 8.30.' 'OK, but please be on time.' (= don't be late, be there at 7.30)

- The meeting was badly organised. It didn't began and finished on time.

2.Противоположность on time - late:

- Be on time. Don't be late.

3. In time – приблизительно во время (5-3 мин назад или вперед)

-Will you be at your aunt's in time for birthday party? (= soon enough for dinner)

- Marry's sent Jimm her pictures for his bithday. She hopes they arrives in time

- We'd better hurry. We have to get to the concert in time to take our seats before the beginning.

(= soon enough to see the the concert)

4. Противоположность in time это too late:

- Martin got to the concert too late to see the the beginning.

Можно сказать - just in time (как раз во время):

- They got to the airport just in time to catch the plain.

- Those children ran across the road in front of my car, but I managed to stop just in time.

5. At the end (в конце чего-то) и in the end (в конечном итоге).

For example:

at the end of the month - в конце месяца,
at the end of December - в конце декабря
at the end of the match - в конце матча
at the end of the film - в конце фильма
at the end of the course - в конце курса
at the end of the concert - в конце концерта:

- My mom is going away on business at the end of December/at the end of the year.

- At the end of my speech, there was great applause.

- All the students and the teachers shook hands at the end of the the last exam.

Нельзя сказать 'in the end of something' (in the end of December' или 'in the end of the exam'.

Противоположность at the end (в конце)- at the beginning (вначале):

at the beginning of December, at the beginning of the exam

In the end = в конечном итоге.

6. In the end (когда подводим итог) в конце концов, в итоге:

- I had a lot of problems with my scooter. In the end I sold it and bought a new one. (= finally I sold it)

- They got more and more energy. In the end the transformator broke down.

- Jane couldn't decide how to spend her holidays. She stayed home in the end.

7. Противоположностью in the end (в конце) – at first (в начале):

- At first I liked her, but in the end we became enemies.

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