Prepositions In/at/on (place) (2)

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√ A. In
√ В. On - с, на,
√ C. In/at/on the corner (в углу (комнаты)/на углу улицы)


 Когда кто-то:

in a line (в строке)
in a row(в ряду)
in a queue (в очереди)
in a street (на улице)
in a photograph (на фотографии)
in a picture (на картинке)
(look at yourself) in a mirror(смотреть на себя в зеркале)
in the sky (на небе)
in the world (в мире)
in a book (в книге)
in a newspaper (в газете)
in a magazine (в журнале)
in a letter (в писме) (but 'on a page' но на странице) 

- When I go to the cinema, I prefer to sit in the front row.
- I live in King Street.
- Sarah lives in Queen Street.
- Who is the woman in that photograph? (not 'on that photograph')
- Have you seen this article in the paper (=newspaper)?
- It was a lovely day. There wasn't a cloud in the sky.

B. On - с, на, 

Когда кто-то или что-то:

the left (слева)
on the right (справа)
on the ground floor (на первом этаже) В Англии
on the first floor (на втором этаже)
on the second floor (на третьем этаже).
on a map (на карте)
on the menu (in a restaurant) (в меню в ресторане)
on a list (в списке),
on a farm (на ферме )


- In Australia falk drive
on the left. (or on the left-hand side.)(В Австралии люди ездят по левой стороне)
- Our flat is on the second floor of the building. (Наша квартира находится на третьем этаже.)
- Here's a shopping list ( Вот тебе список покупок). Don't buy anything that's not on the list (не покупай того чего нет в списке).
- Have you ever worked on a farm? (Ты когда-либо работал на ферме)
We say that a place is on a river/on a road/on the coast:
 - Brest is on the river Bug.
- Portsmouth is on the south coast of England.

We say that a place is on the way to another place:
  * We stopped at a small village on the way to London.
C. In/at/on the corner (в углу (комнаты)/на углу (улицы))
Британцы говорят 'in the corner of a room' в углу (комнаты), but 'at the corner (or on the corner) of a street' на углу (улицы):
  - The wardrobe is in the corner of my room.
  - There are some pay phones at/on the corner of Maple street and King Street.
D. The front and the back.
We say in the front/in the back of a car:
  * I was sitting in the back (of the car) when we crashed.

but at the front/at the back of a building/cinema/group of people etc.:

  * The garden is at the back of the house.
  * Let's sit at the front (of the cinema). (but 'in the front row'--see Section A)
  * I was standing at the back, so I couldn't see very well.
Also on the front/on the back of a letter/piece of paper etc.:
  * Write your name on the back of this envelope.

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