Упражнения к on/in/at place (2)

Money problem. Lesson one A reading


1 Answer the questions about the pictures. Use inat or on with the words below the pictures.


  (queue), (second floor), (corner), (corner), (front), (back/car), (mirror), (front), (back row), (left/right), (farm)



  1. What's Sue doing? She's standing _in a queue._


  2. Sue lives in this building. Where's her flat exactly? ---.


  3. Where is the woman standing? ---.


  4. Where is the man standing? ---.


  5. Where's the dog? ---.


  6. What's the man doing? He's looking ---.


  7. Ann is in this group of people. Where is she? ---.


  8. Tom is at the cinema. Where is he sitting? ---.


  9. a. Where's the post office? ---.


      b. And the bank? ---.


  10. Where does Kate work? ---.



2 Complete the sentences. Use in, at or on + one of the following:



the west coast / the world / the front row / the right / the back of the envelope / the sky / the back of the class / my way to work



1. it was a lovely day. There wasn't a cloud _in the sky._


  2. In most countries people drive ---.


  3. What is the tallest building ---?


  4. I usually buy a newspaper --- in the morning.


  5. San Francisco is --- of the United States.


  6. We went to the theatre last night. We had seats ---.


  7. I couldn't hear the teacher very well. She spoke quietly and I was sitting -     --.


  8. When you send a letter, it is a good idea to write your name and address     ---.



3 Complete the sentences with in, at or on.



  1. It can be dangerous when children play --- the street.


  2. If you walk to the end of the street, you'll see a small shop --- the corner.


  3. Is Tom --- this photograph? I can't find him.


  4. My office is the first floor. It's --- the left as you come out of the lift.


  5. We normally use the front entrance but there's another entrance --- the       back.


  6. A: Is there anything interesting --- the paper today?


  B: Well, there's an unusual photograph --- the back page.


  7. I love to look up at the stars --- the sky at night.


  8. (in a restaurant) 'Where shall we sit?' 'Over there, --- the corner.'


  9. When I'm a passenger in a car, I prefer to sit --- the front.


  10. It's a very small village. You probably won't find it --- your map.


  11. Paris is --- the river Seine.





  2 On the second floor.

  3 On the corner. or At the corner.

  4 In the corner.

  5 In the back of the car.

  6 in a mirror.

  7 At the front.

  8 In the back row.

  9 a. On the left.

     b. On the right.

  10 On a farm.



  2 on the right

  3 in the world

  4 on my way to work

  5 on the west coast

  6 in the front row

  7 at the back of the class

  8 on the back of the envelope



  1 in 

  2 on or at

  3 in 

  4 on ... on

  5 at

  6 in the paper .. on the back page

  7 in 

  8 in 

  9 in

  10 on 

  11 on

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